I just came from the office

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coat-topshop shirt-zara lace shorts-topshop shoes-office bag-topshop watch-newlook rings-topshop/primark tights-m&s

So this is what I would call my ‘trying to look professional’ outfit, wouldn’t you? The lace shorts were actually a sale buy, gone down to £15 I wasn’t too sure about them as I’ve never been a fan of long line shorts but you could say they’ve grown on me. I love buying clothes just like any female but I also have that annoying thing where I forget exactly what I have in my wardrobe, deep inside the darker parts of my wardrobe I managed to pull out this shirt and this pair of shoes! I completely forgot I had both, the shirt is at least a few years old and I think the shoes are from last year.

I love that feeling when you find what you forgot you had, it’s like buying them all over again! So on another note, I’m trying out something new and something that requires a little courage from me. Hopefully I can share the news with you soon.

Until then..

Sophia xx


Trench’ing Along

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trench-topshop top-river island jeans-asos shoes-topshop bag-topshop,                                               glasses-topman watch-newlook scarf-topshop rings-asos,newlook,topshop


I am a massive hoarder of coats and jackets, anytime there is a sale in January, I always stock up for the year to come. You ask why? So like I said I’m a coat fanatic and I’m always buying different ones throughout the year. (This can get a tad expensive). That’s why I’ll always pick out at least 2 or 3 during the sales.

I happen to actually forget I had this baby! How could I, I know! That’s what happens when you have so many, you forget what you have (face palm). Browsing through my wardrobe I found it again whilst producing a high-pitched squeal of surprise and recognition at the same time. There and then I decided this would be my new go to coat for the next few weeks.

I love how this trench can just completely transform an outfit. I could literally walk out in converse and jeans and still look somewhat sophisticated and smart (It also makes me feel like an undercover spy!). Want to know the best bit? I picked it up in the sale for £30!

– Sophia –



OOTD – Keeping It Casual..





black jeans – river Island – denim shirt – topshop – jumper – topshop (sale) – black & gold statement necklace – primark – shoes – primark – geek glasses – Camden market (I apologise for the bad quality images, I didn’t have my camera this weekend and had to settle with capturing them on my phone 😦 )

Today’s outfit is very casual, it’s a nice sunny day but it’s still very cold outside, so I thought better to be safe and add on a few layers. This jumper was a sale find and because I liked it too much I decided to buy the only size left which was 10, unfortunately no 8’s.  It was a baggy boxy style anyway so I thought an extra size up shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I love the colour of it, you can’t see it properly in the images ( sorry again) it’s a mixture of blues, reds and orange and it is so comfy, I so much prefer wearing baggy jumpers, especially when you can layer up underneath them and not feel like you can’t breathe!

Worn with a simple denim shirt, so that the contrast between the shirt and the jumper would stand out a little more, I paired it with black jeans and brown brogues. I normally don’t like gold jewellery, but because this necklace had some black incorporated into it, I thought why not go out on a limb and try it! I love it, it’s not heavy like a few statement necklaces are and because of its colouring it works well with various outfits.

How was everyone’s weekend?? I actually had a very good weekend, had nothing planned so a few friends surprised me came over for the weekend and it was SO good to have them over, the weekend consisted of late night talks and catching up really. I HATE the fact that the weekend goes by so quickly; it’s just when you’ve got into the swing of things and start enjoying yourself you realise its Monday the next day! Ah well I guess it keeps us on our toes eh?

Hope you all have a good evening..

Until next time..



OOTD – Minty Madness






Shirt, Necklace, Leggings – H&M, brown brogue boots – Primark

I haven’t done an outfit of the day post in absolute ages! So I thought why not bring it back, I missed doing them and now I have a number of people around me daily so can easily find someone to take a snap or two of my outfit.  This outfit was worn on Friday, it was one of them days where the sun was shining ever so brightly but when you step out it’s like a hurricane decided to stop by!

Now what do you guys think of these leggings?? I know that when I bought them not everyone was keen, but I’m easily attracted to things that are unusual and not your everyday sort of thing, so when I saw these,  it’s like a thought in my head was challenging me to buy them just to see if I can actually pull them off! Oh by the way just to let you know when I’m shopping I tend to have a conversation with myself, it’s quite normal (don’t tell me you don’t do it!)

Anyhoo look! I managed to style them and I’ve not done a bad job if I say so myself, I paired them with this minty green shirt which I bought recently, the thing with me and new pieces is that I love to wear them to death within the first few weeks. You could actually have worn the leggings and shirt as an outfit alone because the shirt is quite long, but I love the concept of layering so added this dim hem skirt in black, which also softens up the look and gives a more girly take on the outfit. Finally I decided to have some colour incorporated into the outfit with this neon orange statement necklace.

I hope you all had a brill weekend, I certainly did, the sun was definitely our friend throughout the weekend, I mean 14 degrees for Britain is an actual heat wave! I managed to get some shopping done over the weekend and found some amazing bargains, which I shall post about soon.

Until next time