I just came from the office

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coat-topshop shirt-zara lace shorts-topshop shoes-office bag-topshop watch-newlook rings-topshop/primark tights-m&s

So this is what I would call my ‘trying to look professional’ outfit, wouldn’t you? The lace shorts were actually a sale buy, gone down to £15 I wasn’t too sure about them as I’ve never been a fan of long line shorts but you could say they’ve grown on me. I love buying clothes just like any female but I also have that annoying thing where I forget exactly what I have in my wardrobe, deep inside the darker parts of my wardrobe I managed to pull out this shirt and this pair of shoes! I completely forgot I had both, the shirt is at least a few years old and I think the shoes are from last year.

I love that feeling when you find what you forgot you had, it’s like buying them all over again! So on another note, I’m trying out something new and something that requires a little courage from me. Hopefully I can share the news with you soon.

Until then..

Sophia xx


May I have a satchel please?

Now we all know bags are a must have accessory for our everyday outfits right girls? I don’t know about you but I have over 50 bags! I know that’s a little much but for me that number is nowhere near enough! No one understands do they, that one bag does not go with all of our outfits, certain bags have certain qualities to them and some you can’t help but just fall in love with! This has happened to me (again may I add!) I have gone and fallen in love with the bags by the Cambridge Satchel Company, have you heard of them?

The Cambridge Satchel Company started off with 44-year old mum Julie Deane who set up a handmade satchel business with her mother. It started off as a simple money making process in aid of sending her six year old daughter to private school back in 2007.  The business started off by producing chestnut, dark brown and black coloured satchels from already available leather but then eventually found her niche market when a customer asked for a red satchel and so the business took off, expanding with a range of colours, not once looking back.

The bags escalated into popularity and were soon seen on arms of fashionista’s and celebrities, quite a way to advertise the brand right? The bags are now available in a range of colours as well as styles, from the classic satchel to the backpack, from classic chestnut to neon pink! I NEED to have one of these bags in my life! I think they are just perfect, so classic yet with a pop of colour that just adds more personality.

Let’s take a look at some of the bags from the collection; can you guess which one I’ve fallen for??

The ‘Classic’ Satchel


The ‘Fluoro’ Satchel


The Backpack


The ‘Designer’ Satchel


The ‘Metallic’ Satchel


The Batchel


Yes I understand the prices are quite high, but come on just look at the bags! The fact that they are 100% leather with a range of amazing colours and two tone designs, perfect with any kind of outfit and even better, tuck in or remove the strap and have yourself an oversized clutch!

Below are some celebrities sporting satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company:


Kelis seen here with a pink ‘Batchel’.


Elle Fanning seen here with a two-tone ‘Designer’ satchel.

That’s all for now girlies, now make sure you go and by yourself a satchel ready for summer! My other blog will be running later on today! Can’t wait! Have a good weekend! xoxo

Much Love!