So there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, since the New Year actually. See I have only told a handful of people, as I’m not at all confident or perhaps ready for everyone to know about it. However I have finally decided, I’m just going to come out with it and share it with everyone. I will welcome all criticism or negative remarks or views, I will take it all in my stride. This is something for me and as long as I’m happy with it then honestly that’s all that matters.

Ok so here it is, I’m starting a YouTube channel, well actually I have started a YouTube channel, it’s been up for a few weeks now but obviously I’ve decided not to tell anyone yet. There you go. I’ve said it, you have no idea how good it feels to finally face my fear and just share this.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and think why is she starting a YouTube channel if she can’t handle negative criticism, however that’s not it at all. I am the kind of person, where if I want something then I will go for it. But as of late, that confidence and self-belief has kind of been kicked to the kerb. I was so worried that this is something I would not be able to do or be good at, worried about what people would say.

It took me two months to gain some of my confidence and self-belief back and I realised that this is something for me. This is something that I’m doing for myself. I don’t need any one else’s permission to be able to go through with this. Of course I know my trustee followers and friends will be amazing and be there for me and enjoy the videos I make and obviously I hope that the videos will also bring something to them too as well all other who come across them.

The channel, is under my blog name, ‘Itsherway’ it will feature things I would normally blog about such as lookbook videos, fashion hauls, tutorials and my favourite, advice videos. The channel is about me expressing my thoughts and opinions; sharing my advice to others who have been in positions I have previously been in.

Well that’s it for now then guys, I hope that you will all give the channel a chance, I am still in the process of filming more videos as well gaining more confidence in front of the camera. Do go and check it out and please feel free to offer any advice, anything at all, I am new at this so I will follow any advice I can.

Check out the two videos I have so far. (I am working on my thumbnails I promise.)


Thank you for your support.


Sophia x


I just came from the office

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coat-topshop shirt-zara lace shorts-topshop shoes-office bag-topshop watch-newlook rings-topshop/primark tights-m&s

So this is what I would call my ‘trying to look professional’ outfit, wouldn’t you? The lace shorts were actually a sale buy, gone down to £15 I wasn’t too sure about them as I’ve never been a fan of long line shorts but you could say they’ve grown on me. I love buying clothes just like any female but I also have that annoying thing where I forget exactly what I have in my wardrobe, deep inside the darker parts of my wardrobe I managed to pull out this shirt and this pair of shoes! I completely forgot I had both, the shirt is at least a few years old and I think the shoes are from last year.

I love that feeling when you find what you forgot you had, it’s like buying them all over again! So on another note, I’m trying out something new and something that requires a little courage from me. Hopefully I can share the news with you soon.

Until then..

Sophia xx

Trench’ing Along

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trench-topshop top-river island jeans-asos shoes-topshop bag-topshop,                                               glasses-topman watch-newlook scarf-topshop rings-asos,newlook,topshop


I am a massive hoarder of coats and jackets, anytime there is a sale in January, I always stock up for the year to come. You ask why? So like I said I’m a coat fanatic and I’m always buying different ones throughout the year. (This can get a tad expensive). That’s why I’ll always pick out at least 2 or 3 during the sales.

I happen to actually forget I had this baby! How could I, I know! That’s what happens when you have so many, you forget what you have (face palm). Browsing through my wardrobe I found it again whilst producing a high-pitched squeal of surprise and recognition at the same time. There and then I decided this would be my new go to coat for the next few weeks.

I love how this trench can just completely transform an outfit. I could literally walk out in converse and jeans and still look somewhat sophisticated and smart (It also makes me feel like an undercover spy!). Want to know the best bit? I picked it up in the sale for £30!

– Sophia –



New Years Resolutions

I am always that person you’ll find on new years eve, walking around the whole day with a notepad in one hand and a pen in another, trying to write down a list full of my new years resolutions. I am big on new years and always complete my new years resolutions.

So here are my new years resolutions, for you to see and well mostly because I figure that if I post them online, I’ll have to force myself to complete them, as the world will kind of be privy to them. It’ll give me a good kick up the bottom.



So this year I want to be able to go travelling a little more, visit places I’ve never been to before and experience small city breaks, even if it’s only for two days. I want to see places like Thailand, New York, California and Italy. I’m not saying ill be visiting all of them, but I’m sure as hell going to try.



I don’t know if I have ever mentioned on here but I have Coeliac disease, which is basically a condition which prevents you from eating any products containing wheat (which is pretty much everything!). I have had this condition for a while and have never followed it strictly. I will always try and sneak in a cake here and a pizza there!

This year I plan on being stricter with myself and therefore will be leading a healthier lifestyle.


I have no idea where this thought came from, but as I was writing my list, it just popped up and we never just look up at the stars whilst thinking and doing nothing else, whether it be in another country or right here in England. As long as it’s a clear night and I have a book and my thoughts ill be more than happy to gaze upon the stars.



Okay so I have been to festivals and gigs in my time, but I have never been to an actual concert, never experienced that atmosphere, so this year I will be seeing at least one of my favourite artists.



So I live away from home and I am always kept busy with work and friends and having a social life. I never get to spend time with my little brothers and sister or even my parents and grandparents. I’ve decided this year will be dedicated to them just as much as it’s dedicated to me. I miss them and think of them all the time and would love to be a apart of their lives this year.



This kind of goes hand in hand with going wheat free, but also paired alongside with actual physical exercise and general well being. I have been saying I’m going to go running for probably the past year now and okay I’ve finally accepted I won’t be doing it this year! But other forms of exercise are very much going to be a part of my new routine.



So I’ve been to Paris plenty of times in my life, but last year was probably one of the best times I’ve ever had there, during April we were blessed with gorgeous weather too. This year I would love to go again but in the summer season, and just be able to sit by the Louvre and watch the sunset and think of nothing else, drink amazing coffee and enjoy strolls alongside the river.



My final resolution is to write a book, as a child I was always stuck in books and writing my own short stories, whether it was fantasy or romance. I lost this somewhere in my life, probably when I discovered partying and boyfriend’s I kind of forgot about writing. However I’ve been thinking of actually writing a book using inspirations from the short stories I used to write. This year will be the year when I finally complete the book.



So there you have it, my new years resolutions, some of them are pretty basic and some not so much, but all of them mean a great deal to me. I know it will require a ton of effort and hard work but I have a whole 12 months to complete them and will be that much prouder knowing I have achieved all of them.



Autumn Edit – Dresses

Hi there guys, so I have been thinking and have decided that I want to do an Autumn edit on the blog, once a week for the next 6 weeks.  It’ll include the top 6 dresses; shirts, trousers, coats, knitwear and shoes that I like and think will be best suited for the autumn season.

So this week I will be starting with dresses, I have selected the top 6 dresses I have loved and think will be amazing pieces to have in your wardrobe for the Autumn season.





Heres a link to where you can find these dresses, 1.Topshop  2.Zara 3. H&M 4. Lavish Alice 5. Missguided 6. Warehouse

Hope you managed to find at least one dress that you will be adding to your wardrobe!

Sophia –


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Considering we live in one of the most weather challenged countries in the world, it’s always a nice surprise when finally we are graced with a few weeks of the summer sun.

The trends this summer aren’t as daring as the past few summers, now that the designers have caught up on the reality behind the British summer, and how abruptly our weather can change during the day. Go out looking like a Greek goddess, come back looking like a windswept, haggard nightmare!

Not saying this summer, its still not about the strappy dresses, denim shorts and kimonos, because it is, however it’s supplied with a good dosage of lightweight outerwear, to help aid us during the day.

During the day I’m all for denim shorts and strappy tops, but in the evening with the cool breeze and the fading sun, I prefer something a little warmer. Pairing these printed trousers alongside a simple print t-shirt and brocade like lightweight jacket, leaves me feeling cool enough for the warm evening.



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Orange is the new black?

Orange is the new black? Well it is for spring & summer anyway! Whether it’s seen on your jumpers, jeans, scarfs, lips, cheeks or eyes. Orange is the shade to be seen in this summer! So make sure you find the perfect shade for you and start experimenting!















Jumper-H&M/ Skirt-Primark/Black Wet Look Leggings-Newlook/ Frames-Camden Market/ Necklace-H&M/ Metallic Flats-Topshop

Sophia xx