About Me


Hi there, I am a born and bred 23 year old northern girl currently living down south, I graduated with a degree in Fashion & Brand Management just over a year ago and to be honest I am trying to find my path in life. I have various different passion from photography to design to writing, thus the reason why I cant 100% decide in which area to proceed and so now I’m kind of dabbling in all of them, so to speak.

This blog is to document my journey in life and all that I come across, not just a blog focusing just on fashion and beauty, it shall be about me and whatever interests me. Its my beautiful twist on life.




2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you again 🙂 means a lot, yeah sure of course I can. That is a bargain especially from Next! Maxi dresses are great to wear this winter season and bang on trend so great choice there! I would recommend you wear it with some chunky biker boot style boots, ankle boots, maybe even with a small block heel this will add height allowing your boots to peep out and you could pair this with a chunky knit jumper over the maxi dress or one of the knitwear items I posted yesterday 🙂 Hope this helps, if you need me to do a post about it, I am more than happy to do so. xxx

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