So there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, since the New Year actually. See I have only told a handful of people, as I’m not at all confident or perhaps ready for everyone to know about it. However I have finally decided, I’m just going to come out with it and share it with everyone. I will welcome all criticism or negative remarks or views, I will take it all in my stride. This is something for me and as long as I’m happy with it then honestly that’s all that matters.

Ok so here it is, I’m starting a YouTube channel, well actually I have started a YouTube channel, it’s been up for a few weeks now but obviously I’ve decided not to tell anyone yet. There you go. I’ve said it, you have no idea how good it feels to finally face my fear and just share this.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and think why is she starting a YouTube channel if she can’t handle negative criticism, however that’s not it at all. I am the kind of person, where if I want something then I will go for it. But as of late, that confidence and self-belief has kind of been kicked to the kerb. I was so worried that this is something I would not be able to do or be good at, worried about what people would say.

It took me two months to gain some of my confidence and self-belief back and I realised that this is something for me. This is something that I’m doing for myself. I don’t need any one else’s permission to be able to go through with this. Of course I know my trustee followers and friends will be amazing and be there for me and enjoy the videos I make and obviously I hope that the videos will also bring something to them too as well all other who come across them.

The channel, is under my blog name, ‘Itsherway’ it will feature things I would normally blog about such as lookbook videos, fashion hauls, tutorials and my favourite, advice videos. The channel is about me expressing my thoughts and opinions; sharing my advice to others who have been in positions I have previously been in.

Well that’s it for now then guys, I hope that you will all give the channel a chance, I am still in the process of filming more videos as well gaining more confidence in front of the camera. Do go and check it out and please feel free to offer any advice, anything at all, I am new at this so I will follow any advice I can.

Check out the two videos I have so far. (I am working on my thumbnails I promise.)


Thank you for your support.


Sophia x



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Considering we live in one of the most weather challenged countries in the world, it’s always a nice surprise when finally we are graced with a few weeks of the summer sun.

The trends this summer aren’t as daring as the past few summers, now that the designers have caught up on the reality behind the British summer, and how abruptly our weather can change during the day. Go out looking like a Greek goddess, come back looking like a windswept, haggard nightmare!

Not saying this summer, its still not about the strappy dresses, denim shorts and kimonos, because it is, however it’s supplied with a good dosage of lightweight outerwear, to help aid us during the day.

During the day I’m all for denim shorts and strappy tops, but in the evening with the cool breeze and the fading sun, I prefer something a little warmer. Pairing these printed trousers alongside a simple print t-shirt and brocade like lightweight jacket, leaves me feeling cool enough for the warm evening.



image 8


image 7


image 5


image 6

Minimal Hit!

Everyone knows that the world of beauty is fast catching up with the world of fashion, at both A/W & S/S fashion weeks, not only are the clothes important, but the makeup and hair also play a huge part in the overall look. In the last few years alone the makeup and hair seen in the shows occasionally even eclipse the clothing.

With various new trends sure to come to the forefront of the beauty world, we also have a few that are also in trend at the moment and for the coming spring/summer. I am going to talk you through one of my favourites and show you how you can achieve the looks at home.

So minimal has come around again as it always does and I mean who can complain? There’s hardly any effort needed to attain this look, yes amazingly high cheekbones, luscious full lips and amazing skin obviously helps, but I mean who needs those, right? The reason I love this look personally is because I really believe everyone is beautiful and the best way to show that off is to apply only products that enhance your beauty, yet being subtle at the same time. Using absolute minimal makeup will help you enhance the features you love. It lets your true complexion and beauty shine through.

(image by ‘’)


(image from ‘’ )

(image from ‘’ )

Here’s how I would achieve this look…

HAIR: leave your locks the way they are naturally, whether they are straight, wavy or curly, just use a shine control oil, to help tame the fizz and add a little shine to your hair.

Now let’s begin with the makeup;

1. Apply a tinted moisturiser to your skin, this will help you moisturize your face as well smoothen out your skin tone (to achieve this look to its best we need a very good base)

2. This is not a necessary step, but for those who would like some extra coverage to conceal any dark circles or blemishes. You may apply some concealer, just be sure not to make it to heavy, just enough to cover what you need.

3. Grab a peach or pastel pink coloured blusher (matte works better) and dab a small amount using your fingers just onto the tops of your cheeks and gradually upwards towards your temples, make sure there’s not a long pink streak, blend it all out so it appears as a natural blush to your face.

4. Next use either white or nude eyeliner, line the waterline, this will help open up your eyes.

5. A clear mascara would be ideal but again if you want to add a little colour then opt for brown not black, coat both top and bottom lashes.

6. I personally like to add a little highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, choose any highlighter you prefer you could even use plain old white eye shadow, as you will only be dabbing on a small amount just across the top of your cheekbones, this time apply using a brush.

7. This is not a necessary step, I would leave my eyebrows the way they are and just groom them into place, however if you need to darken them a little, you may but no harsh lines, try soften them out as best you can.

8. Lastly! All you need to do now is add a little colour to your lips, a light pink coloured gloss or matte lipstick can be applied, do not apply to much colour, just a subtle hint will do the trick and voila there you go, pretty as a peach.



Bangs on?

Hello lavly people, how are you all doing?? How’s the week going by so far??  I’m just doing a wee post on hair and then will get right back onto body shapes. I actually had a really good day yesterday (shopping wise) as its one of my best friend’s birthday next week and I was looking for a perfect party dress and I was sick of the ones I had.  I’ve worn them sooo many times and to be honest it was just another good excuse to buy another! Ha-ha!

I went to Topshop, River Island and New look, my trusted shops and I managed to find nothing, nada. So I started going into any shop that had clothes in it as you can tell I was desperate by now, anyway so I came across this boutique called Daisy Lane and I’ve been in there maybe once just with a friend not actually bothering to look around. But I have to say some of their things are actually really nice, I actually managed to find a dress that I had been looking for and at a bargain for £12 in the sale! I was so really pleased with the dress, its pretty and perfect! 😉

Back to the post (went off on a slight tangent there), what I really want is a new haircut, a new style, something that changes the straight, layered style that I’ve had for years! I’ve decided to get a fringe! This actually scares me because I’ve seen people with it and they look amazing but it’s just the worry of having to style it all the time and the constant trimming it requires….hmmmmm…is it worth it..

But then again I come across these images all the time in magz, so I’ve convinced myself to get one and they are so in trend right now too, a great new look without drastic changes too! Now the only thing is I’m not sure what kind of style I want, long enough so I can sweep it to the side?? Or maybe shorter so you can actually see my eyebrows??

Here are a few celebs sporting fringes and I love most of them…hmmmmm (I am terrible at making decisions)

I love Zooey Deschanel’s new hairstyle! BTW for those who don’t know her, she stares in the new TV series on channel 4; New Girl, it’s a really good programme too, unusual and funny. Back to the hair, I think this 60’s backcombed style with the full fringe is so lush! Especially for an evening out! What do you guys think??

Hmmmmm now I do like Jessie J’s look but to be honest for me the   block fringe is just too thick and full, she pulls it off but I would not be able to dedicate that much time to look after it and to be honest it would drive me nuts lol

Another 60’s inspired hairstyle from Nicole Richie, I love the way she’s created the high pony tail. The fringe is more my kind of thing, its light, long enough to be able to brush to the side also.

The queen of fringes Jameela Jamil completely rocks this look and always pulls of anything. The full fringe with the slight middle parting, I do like this but again it’s just too full, but I do like the length!

Finally Kim Kardashian without doubt suits this look, now I would definitely consider a fringe like this, it’s full but not too block like, feathered and long enough again to brush to the side.

So those are all the hairstyles that are definitely trending right now and I think look so fab. Now I just need to make a decision in which one I should get.. so I would love some advice..??

Much Love


Budget of £30?

Hello ladies!!! How are we all today?? I’m just doing a quick post before heading out! Got a busy week ahead, lots of plans for the blog and photography as well meeting up with some old friends! So today’s post is all about my take on the best 30 items under £30. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am not exactly overflowing with money right now! I need to be careful on what spend so I’m always browsing the web for the best deals!

Were all now preparing for S/S12 and there are trends ranging from pastels to nautical to romance! So here are some of the pieces I think we should invest in for this new season!

Neon Skinny Jeans – New Look – £22.99

These neon skinnies are great for the new season and work worth pretty much anything. Wear with the monochrome jumper below to look candyfloss delicious!

Pink Printed T-Shirt – – £14.99

Coral High Waisted Shorts – – £14.99

High waisted shorts are a big trend this season! Perfect as they can also be worn with knitted tights to create an entirely different look as well for those of you who love building up layers!

Pink Bow Dress – – £23.99

Leopard Heart Print T-Shirt – – £9.99

Monochrome Polka Dot Jumper – – £24.99

Now I love this jumper, it’s so cute and very much in trend! This can be worn with anything, from jeans, to skirts or even dresses!

Blair Sheer Contrast Blouse – Missguided – £22.99

Black & White stripe top – River Island – £25.00

Phiola Sheer Contrast Outline Blouse – Missguided – £19.99

Black and White Brogue Shoes – River Island – £30.00

Coral Floral Print Mini Skirt – River Island – £20.00

Navy Tokyo City Scene Print T-Shirt – River Island – £15.00

Coral Chain Loafers – River Island – £22.00

Yes the nautical theme is still here and these loafers come with a coral twist, perfect for the S/S pastel trend! Can wither wear to match alongside the outfit or by having a minimal outfit and using these to add a pop of colour!

Rosey Posey Georgia Dress – Topshop – £29.00

Boucle Reglan Sweatshirt – Topshop – £28.00

Ok so yes we have the colourful, floral and pastel colours being big this season, but at the end of the day there is nothing wrong by sticking with some good old trusted favourites. Such as this boucle sweatshirt that can be worn on top of shirts or skirts or transform a dress!

Frosted Bowler Bag – Asos – £30.00

Love this bag! Love the colours and think this would definitely make an ordinary outfit look fabulous!

Cat Eye Sunglasses – Asos – £15.00

Mary Jane Flatforms – Asos – £30.00

Bodycon Dress with stroke print – Asos – £28.00

Pink Floral A-Line Skirt – River Island – £30.00

Versace Cruise Collection – H&M – £24.99

Ok so here we have the new collection from Versace for H&M and these shorts are just delightful! It is a great statement piece and I would probably wear with just a white top just to let the shorts do the talking!

Colour Block Satchel – – £25.00

Priya Sleevless Cradigan – – £20.00

Neon Gummy Watch – Asos – £20.00

Tartan Skater Dress – – £19.99


Aztec Print Wedge Boot – – £29.99

Ok yes so were dressing for SS12 but this is England it’s not exactly going to be sunny and warm every day! So for those grey days, pair these with your outfit and you’ll be comfortable all day as well as wearing the Aztec print which is still in trend!

Black Aztec Print Gummy Wristbands – Miss Selfridge – £4.87

Lydia Bird Print Lined Blazer Jacket – – £25.00

Pastel Diamond Tassle Necklace – Miss Selfridge – £9.37

Nikka Peter Pan Skater Dress – Missguided – £24.99

Give me more layers!

Hiya ladies, I’m back, been a few days. How are you all by the way, what have you been up to?? So remember I said that I had an interview in Landan town and just thought I’d let you know that it went really well and came across a few fellow fashionista’s. There was this one girl who I really hit it off with and she was from Lithuania! We were talking about fashion and what and who inspire us and we were both fans of layering and allowing our personality to stand out from what we wear. Where did we go once our interviews were finished? There’s only one place, Oxford St of course! Shapping!

Anyway let’s get back to this post will be looking at layering, now I’m a big fan of layering, I love building up an outfit, especially in this British winter. I love it as it allows me to wear what reflects me and not just through one item but through various. I also noticed whilst I was out in Oxford st, a few others wore quite a few layers too and yet each person looked completely different. That’s what I love about it, no one can person look the same!

I never really used to like layering as I was too worried that it made me look frumpy and fat. I used to stick to just one item of clothing and then either a jacket or coat on top, but then slowly I started to convert and add bits, from scarves to jumpers. The trick is to wear layers that are form fitting, well at least some of them, for example wearing a fitted long sleeved shirt/top underneath a dress. This adds fewer frumps and you can easily tie a belt around the waist showing of the tiniest part of your body.

Some of the ways I love to layer my outfits is to wear long sleeved tops or collared shirts underneath sleeveless summer dresses, paired with jeans instead of tights and then boots. As well as summer skirts paired with woolly jumpers, with scarves and a belt to cinch in the waist again, finally a pair with boots or wedges!

Finally my key pieces I think build up to the perfect layers outfit:

  1. Scarf – great to add a pop of colour and pattern to a plain outfit
  2. Boots – They go with anything and can change an outfit
  3. Skirts – Perfect on top of leggings/jeans to add dimension
  4. Baggy jumpers/knitwear- They can be styled so many different ways!
  5. Sleeveless dresses/tunics – perfect worn on top of tops/shirts etc

Let’s take a look at some examples:


Now here is an outfit I wore, you would have seen in one of my previous posts. I’ve layered a few things together; I started with the trousers and then began with a sleeveless cyan blue top. Adding another layer, the denim shirt to contrast with the blue, together I tucked these in the trousers. I did this so that I could use a belt to cinch me in a little, creating a defined figure.

This image is from one of my styling shoots. Now here I started off with the red jeans as the trend was the colour red itself. I then layered on top this scarf that I had and wrapped around the hips to create a layered skirt. There were now contrasting colours put together, I used this brown and blue striped top to tone down the colour palette. The brown tones down the pinks and reds where as the blue detail accentuates and adds more pop. Ok so I had quite a few layers built up and the top was not fitted at all, so to define the waist I added this belt. You could have easily added a leather biker jacket on top to complete the look.

Be daring and clash prints and colours together! Mix an Aztec print with a floral print, a cheetah print with maybe a python print, this creates depth and is very much in trend for this SS12 season! I’ve mixed a few prints together to create a clash, however I’ve toned down the colours, the trousers being brown and blue and the top adds more pop as well as the accessories!

This is another example, this image was taken as part of a project the trend was ‘Grunge’. Now here the checked shirt is used for the addition of layers as well as to use it to tie around the waist to nip in and reveal the figure.

Below are a couple of images I spotted on Look Book Nu, I loved the way these guys put together their outfits and the way they layered the items together to create sophisticated looks. J

I love the use of the skirt and the polka dot top, the black band on the skirt defines the waist and is very feminine, whilst the use of the black leather jacket adds an element of rock and roll, which I love! Z

Loving the white theme here! Its feminine and girly, the baggy knitted jumper looks great paired with the mini skirt. I liked the ways she’s used her belt to stick out a little to allow the jumper to sit on top. The ankle socks and heels work well together.





Here is Ashley Olsen, wearing a layered outfit and looking fab! Two of the essential layering items, the boots and scarf can be seen.  Worn with the checked shirt which is slightly baggy however the black blazer is cinched in at the waist.

Fearne Cotton one of my many style inspirations. I love the socks and wedges trend, she’s pulled it off well. It’s almost a granny cool outfit with the beige peg trousers and the knitted baggy jumper.  The use of the scarf allows the outfit to have a touch of colour.


Olivia Palermo. I love love love this look! I love the use of the duffle coat and the way it’s casually thrown on the shoulders. The skirt is cinched in at the waist with a belt and swings out. The use of two outer layers is very cool and fashion forward!


Well that’s it for now, I hope this helped and hopefully will allow you now to experiment with layering and if you already a lover of this, then try the clashing of the prints and colours and be the first to sport the SS12 trend!

Much Love


Just for you guys!

Hellloooooo, how are you all today?? I’ve had a pretty miserable day to be honest; on top of that the weather was CRAP! I’ve had bad luck all day, was late for work, got told off which wasn’t exactly a great start to the day! To add to the misery I got drenched in the rain and the stupidly powerful winds broke my brolly! I got whiplashed by the rain and my bag strap broke and so on.

So back to the post, I thought I shall do something different today and write a post on fashion trends and styling for men. 🙂 After a certain ‘friend’ was complaining that I had no posts on advising guys on fashion and styling, so this is for you! Ok so we all know guys love their fashion just as much as women do, you all want to stay on trend and look good, not just to impress but for your own self confidence.

So what I’ve done is just created a few outfits that are very much in trend right now and will be for a while, these outfits are perfect for your winter wardrobe as well as to last you throughout the entire year. Here we go, outfit number one:



Red quilted patch sweatshirt – £32.00 – Topman

Mustard coloured trousers – £29.99 – Zara

Navy Borg lined hooded sweater – £55.00 – River Island

Shoelab “Fiction” brown boots – £30.00 – Topman

Toms original red pope toe canvas shoe – £36.00 – Topman

Ok so we have outfit number one and this is what I call, nautical influence, as the colours seen are inspired from this the original nautical trend. So basically what I did is started with the key item, the sweatshirt as I loved the quilted effect and the rich colour, I then created the rest of the outfit to best match this. So we have the mustard trousers to create the contrast between the rich red, paired with this navy blue sweater to add a more grounded colour. Now I would have paired with the quilt detail boots which are actually brown as this would keep the outfit subtle and toned down.  So you don’t end up looking like a skittles packet! However for those of you that are more daring, wear the red toms, a pop of colour as well as matching one of the original primary colours from the coat.

The great thing about each of these items is that they are very easy to mix with various other colours and items, remove the navy blue sweater and add an American sports jacket.


Double breasted coat – £99.00 – Zara

Grey cotton skinny chinos – £15.00 – Topman

Black brogue boots – £35.00 – Topman

Print white t-shirt – £18.00 – Topman

Ok so we have outfit number two, now this is something I call Avant Garde, basically inspiration from fashion trends and styles from the 1920’s, 1930’s. So what I have here is SO in trend right now and what I have to say coming from a girl, this trench coat look is so attractive, stylish and suave! So ok I wanted to add a little bit of colour because I don’t know about you guys but I like to stand out from other s. That is why I picked this maroon coloured coat, still has the same effect as that of the traditional beige. (This was my statement piece) I then added the grey chinos alongside; the grey will stand out but still allow the coat to be the first thing you see. You also have to realise you need to keep within the right colour palettes, like mixing a bright statement colour such as maroon with say brown is just fashion suicide. You always need to play around with the colours, if you have one main colourful piece like this coat then mix within the subtle pastels and greys.  Finally the white t-shirt with its minimal print detail, will just tone down the outfit, wear with these brogue inspired boots, to add a touch of vintage style.


Navy wool duffel coat – £40.00 – Topman

Burgundy cord skinny jeans – £18.00 – Topman

Grey placed pattern jumper – £15.00 – Topman

Fur lined hi top sneaker – £39.99 – Zara

Now time for outfit number three, this is what I call the new revival, this trend is all about, reinventing certain items, bringing back styles and trends from the past and creating your very own re invented outfit. So my statement piece here was the duffle coat, this navy toggle coat is perfect for the winter seasons. For those of you not fully keen on the long trench coats etc. This is perfect as you can just wear layers underneath to stay warm. So next we have the red cord trousers, which I love but only a few guys actually have the guts to wear this but trust me the ladies love a guy that can pull these off and this is how! Pairing these trousers with something like this coat creates contrasting textures and colours. Paired with this knitted jumper, which also shares the maroon hues from the trousers, still allowing the outfit to match.  Finally these brown high tops keep the rest of the outfit in check and still allow you to show a little swagger.




College jacket – £39.99 – Zara

Mustard coloured trousers – £29.99 – Zara

Light brown jogger trousers – £40.00 – River Island

Fur lined High top sneaker – £29.99 – Zara

San Francisco t-shirt – £15.99 – Zara

Black million dollar reading glasses – £14.00 – Topman

Ok so were on to the final look now, the ever popular preppy look, for those of you that are unsure of what this equates to, it is basically your nerd gone cool, simple. Who says a geek can’t look cool? Ok so here I have this American football jacket, slightly different in colour to ones we see regularly, this green and blue ensemble is something different and goes with a lot more colours. Now I liked the idea of both these colours from the chinos/jeans here, I like the yellow jeans paired alongside the plum from the t-shirt and toned down by the black boots. However that is a look that says ‘hey look at me’ for those of you looking for a toned down version, wear with these stone coloured jeans as it will allow the t-shirt to pop more too. Both jeans id say tuck in slightly in the boots to create a messy look, effortlessly cool is what I was meant to say sorry. Finally to complete the look there are some geek reading glasses! 🙂

Here are a few snapshots of celebs and such sporting some of the latest trends, just to give you an idea…


Ooooooh Ed Westwick..(sorry). Here he is sporting the preppy look!


andddddd again….


Just keeps getting better!


Dont know this guy, but I love his style

Ok so that’s all we have for now, I hoped that helped all of you to identify the current trends as well some ideas of how to put together your outfits and ( to that one person in particular) Enjoy reading 🙂

Much Love