So there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, since the New Year actually. See I have only told a handful of people, as I’m not at all confident or perhaps ready for everyone to know about it. However I have finally decided, I’m just going to come out with it and share it with everyone. I will welcome all criticism or negative remarks or views, I will take it all in my stride. This is something for me and as long as I’m happy with it then honestly that’s all that matters.

Ok so here it is, I’m starting a YouTube channel, well actually I have started a YouTube channel, it’s been up for a few weeks now but obviously I’ve decided not to tell anyone yet. There you go. I’ve said it, you have no idea how good it feels to finally face my fear and just share this.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and think why is she starting a YouTube channel if she can’t handle negative criticism, however that’s not it at all. I am the kind of person, where if I want something then I will go for it. But as of late, that confidence and self-belief has kind of been kicked to the kerb. I was so worried that this is something I would not be able to do or be good at, worried about what people would say.

It took me two months to gain some of my confidence and self-belief back and I realised that this is something for me. This is something that I’m doing for myself. I don’t need any one else’s permission to be able to go through with this. Of course I know my trustee followers and friends will be amazing and be there for me and enjoy the videos I make and obviously I hope that the videos will also bring something to them too as well all other who come across them.

The channel, is under my blog name, ‘Itsherway’ it will feature things I would normally blog about such as lookbook videos, fashion hauls, tutorials and my favourite, advice videos. The channel is about me expressing my thoughts and opinions; sharing my advice to others who have been in positions I have previously been in.

Well that’s it for now then guys, I hope that you will all give the channel a chance, I am still in the process of filming more videos as well gaining more confidence in front of the camera. Do go and check it out and please feel free to offer any advice, anything at all, I am new at this so I will follow any advice I can.

Check out the two videos I have so far. (I am working on my thumbnails I promise.)


Thank you for your support.


Sophia x


OOTD – Keeping It Casual..





black jeans – river Island – denim shirt – topshop – jumper – topshop (sale) – black & gold statement necklace – primark – shoes – primark – geek glasses – Camden market (I apologise for the bad quality images, I didn’t have my camera this weekend and had to settle with capturing them on my phone 😦 )

Today’s outfit is very casual, it’s a nice sunny day but it’s still very cold outside, so I thought better to be safe and add on a few layers. This jumper was a sale find and because I liked it too much I decided to buy the only size left which was 10, unfortunately no 8’s.  It was a baggy boxy style anyway so I thought an extra size up shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I love the colour of it, you can’t see it properly in the images ( sorry again) it’s a mixture of blues, reds and orange and it is so comfy, I so much prefer wearing baggy jumpers, especially when you can layer up underneath them and not feel like you can’t breathe!

Worn with a simple denim shirt, so that the contrast between the shirt and the jumper would stand out a little more, I paired it with black jeans and brown brogues. I normally don’t like gold jewellery, but because this necklace had some black incorporated into it, I thought why not go out on a limb and try it! I love it, it’s not heavy like a few statement necklaces are and because of its colouring it works well with various outfits.

How was everyone’s weekend?? I actually had a very good weekend, had nothing planned so a few friends surprised me came over for the weekend and it was SO good to have them over, the weekend consisted of late night talks and catching up really. I HATE the fact that the weekend goes by so quickly; it’s just when you’ve got into the swing of things and start enjoying yourself you realise its Monday the next day! Ah well I guess it keeps us on our toes eh?

Hope you all have a good evening..

Until next time..



OOTD – Minty Madness






Shirt, Necklace, Leggings – H&M, brown brogue boots – Primark

I haven’t done an outfit of the day post in absolute ages! So I thought why not bring it back, I missed doing them and now I have a number of people around me daily so can easily find someone to take a snap or two of my outfit.  This outfit was worn on Friday, it was one of them days where the sun was shining ever so brightly but when you step out it’s like a hurricane decided to stop by!

Now what do you guys think of these leggings?? I know that when I bought them not everyone was keen, but I’m easily attracted to things that are unusual and not your everyday sort of thing, so when I saw these,  it’s like a thought in my head was challenging me to buy them just to see if I can actually pull them off! Oh by the way just to let you know when I’m shopping I tend to have a conversation with myself, it’s quite normal (don’t tell me you don’t do it!)

Anyhoo look! I managed to style them and I’ve not done a bad job if I say so myself, I paired them with this minty green shirt which I bought recently, the thing with me and new pieces is that I love to wear them to death within the first few weeks. You could actually have worn the leggings and shirt as an outfit alone because the shirt is quite long, but I love the concept of layering so added this dim hem skirt in black, which also softens up the look and gives a more girly take on the outfit. Finally I decided to have some colour incorporated into the outfit with this neon orange statement necklace.

I hope you all had a brill weekend, I certainly did, the sun was definitely our friend throughout the weekend, I mean 14 degrees for Britain is an actual heat wave! I managed to get some shopping done over the weekend and found some amazing bargains, which I shall post about soon.

Until next time



Its a Short story..

Hey Guys! How are you all? I do hope your well and I would say enjoying the weather, but it’s been raining Cats and Dogs the past week! I’m in London right now and I have to say the weather is amazing, sunny and 26 degrees! So today’s post is all about shorts, I never used to be the kind of person to wear shorts to be honest, I always thought that they wouldn’t suit me and that you would have to be brave to wear them and by that I mean you would have to have ‘drop dead gorgeous legs’!

However I was wrong! There are so many types of shorts that would suit all body types, for petite girls there are high waisted shorts emphasising your petite waist and therefore showing off the curves you have. For the curvier ladies there are shorts that are high waisted and are a little longer and not as fitted therefore showing off the slim legs as well as a slim waist!

There are some HOT shorts out there this season, printed, lace, scalloped, denim, studded, an endless list and I have to say they look amazing and with a simple tee or even bra-let could leave you looking like one sexy little lady! (If that’s the look you’re going for but let’s face it we all are!)

So below is a selection of shorts all available on the high street that I just love right now and all are very much in trend!

Calypso Print Runner Shorts – TOPSHOP


I LOVE these calypso print runner shorts, so as we all know that the ‘luxe sports’ trend is big right now and these are the perfect little runner shorts great for this trend, easily paired with pumps or even trainers and finished off with a simple tee and in my case a leather jacket.

Co-Ord Floral Print Shorts – TOPSHOP


These high waisted shorts are perfect for those of you who want to show off your petite waistline! The almost A-Line shape cuts off the biggest part of the body and shows off your slim legs. For those who are brave enough to wear such a bold print I would say go for it! The prints are bold and brash but paired with a simple blue or white tee you will feel instantly braver!

Overlay Button Shorts – TOPSHOP


I can’t believe these are in the SALE! I have purchased these bad boys and cannot wait to wear them. The fact that they have the skirted overlay on top just makes it a little more feminine. The white is bang on trend this summer and to be honest every other summer after that, white will never go out of style! I would pair mine with an off-the-shoulder top and I’d rock it up with some studded pumps or high tops!

Light Blue Crotchet Lace Shirts – RIVER ISLAND


Crotchet lace style shorts can be seen everywhere these days, from high street to high end and even many a celeb have been spotted wearing them. A must have.  They are the ultimate feminine shorts; the lace adds a more demure and polished look. Off course they can easily been paired with other items to make the look a little more ‘edgy’. I would wear with a simple (neon) yellow top with a spiked tribal necklace and finish it off with some studded black loafers.

Red Palm Print Shorts – RIVER ISLAND


Printed shorts are another must have item this summer, from scenic prints, to animal, birds and flowers; there are many that will tickle your fancy so no excuses to have a pair! These are great little pieces to make a statement with and they simply just look cool.

That’s all for now girlies, hope you enjoyed the post and should be back for another post soonage! In the mean time hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.

Much Love

That’s all for now girlies, hope you enjoyed the post and should be back for another post soonage! In the mean time hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.

Much Love

The Apple..

Helllooooooo everyone! Firstly I’d like to say ‘Happy Pancake day!!’ I love the fact that is just a whole day dedicated to pancakes, a great reason just to stuff yourself!  Ok back to you guys now, how are you all???Wow it’s been a long time since my last post, sorry about the delay guys. So today’s post will be the last post on body shapes and the final one left is the apple. So apple shapes are generally seen as having more weight and volume around the stomach and waist area of the body. This doesn’t always mean your fat, it just means you don’t have a defined waist and your shoulders are generally wider. Now I know gaining weight is easy, too easy in fact! It doesn’t help that with apple body shapes, when you do gain weight it’s all stored around the stomach and waist region! (boooooo!)

HOWEVER!! It is all about proportions, get your proportion right and that little extra bit of weight or problem area won’t even be visible! Dress to your advantage show everyone your best assets and don’t ever be afraid to show of what you have and be daring enough to try the latest trends, it’ll only leave you not just looking better but feeling better too! 🙂

Ok now let’s have a look at some of the key bits of information you should bear in mind when dressing the apple shape!

So there are the key things to remember, now a lot more can be done than just the above few it’s all about experimenting and equalising the upper heavy half of the body with the bottom half. Below are a few more pieces that will be best suited for the apple body shape.

This dress has detail around the waist; the material is gathered in around the waist area which instantly creates the defined waist, which you should then finish off with a black belt just to make it a little more obvious. Whilst the rest of the material skims over the biggest part of the body and falls neatly. This definitely elongates the body also eliminates the signs of the bigger upper body. Experiment with colour but try and avoid prints on the upper body.

Tops such as this will cinch into the waist and for better effect wear with a thick black belt around the waist to define it and the rest of the shirt will then fall away from the waist again hiding the bigger stomach area. The v-Neck buttons, creating a deeper v to show off the smallest part of your body as well elongating the entire body.

Vertical stripes are definitely your friend! Just the simple fact that they instantly elongate the body and the dramatic black stripes almost hide away any signs of a bigger upper body!

Now the goal is to create more attention to the bottom half of the body, to proportion it out to the top half. This printed waterfall skirt adds volume and draws attention. Always experiment with the bottom half, whether it be with trousers/shorts or skirts. Remember whatever you wear on the bottom make sure the top is the opposite, for example a light beige/caramel/light pink should be worn with this skirt as to draw even more attention to the bottom.

Pencil skirts with printed patterns such as this are again sure winners; with Flower/Aztec prints constantly around you can’t go wrong, stays on trend as well eliminating the problem areas.

Wide leg trousers elongate the body as well as adding more volume to the bottom half of the body; these can be worn in bold colours or even with prints. Makes sure to add a wide belt on top just to define the waist!

Below are a number of celebrities that also have the apple shape, let’s have a look at how they dress for their shape:

Jenniffer Hudson wears a dress that defines the waist and creates a subtle belt with the various stripe details. The skirt is tiered and adds more volume to the lower part of her body.

Liz Hurley wears a dress that sits just on the chest with some additional detail on the shoulder which adds more definition, whilst the frills line the bottom of the dress which adds more emphasis on the lower body.

Catherine Zeta Jones is seen here wearing a navy blue dress with a wide black belt she wears to emphasise her waist. She then covers up with a bright straight style coat that will just sit against the hips.


Here are the 5 top tips to dress the apple:

1. Emphasise the shoulders

2. Always add more volume to the lower half of the body

3. Add a belt for more waist definition

4. Wear vertical stripes to elongate the body

5. Wear V-Necks tops/dresses to show of the cleavage/smallest part of the body.


Here are the 5 things to avoid:

1. Avoid wearing garish prints on the upper part of the body

2. Do not wear dresses that are too fitted.

3. Double breasted coats

4.  Boxy tops/baggy tops

5. Too many layers on the upper body!


Ok ladies that’s all I have right now for the body shapes special. If anyone does require me to go into any more detail for any of them, don’t hesitate to ask, at the end of the day I am only here to make all of you look and feel better! 🙂

Until next time girlies!!

Much Love

The Pear..

As you know I said I would be going through and explaining in detail the four different types of body shapes, the straight, hourglass, pear and apple, now I’m on to the 3rd body shape, the pear. The pear is basically a point up triangle, the bigger part of the body being the lower body; with the wider hips and bigger thighs dominating. Let’s have a look in a little more detail:

The pear shape is another one of the most common body shapes and the goal is to elongate the figure as all the attention is originally on the lower part of the body, you need to elongate the body so you look less bottom heavy and more in proportion, ideally creating the hourglass figure.

Now to be honest it’s not all that hard dressing for the pear shape, honestly you have more various choices in what to wear and experiment with! Just always remember to balance out your hips to your shoulders, add more structure to the shoulders, and play around with jackets and coats. Not forgetting the creation of curves, so whilst you balance out the shoulders to the hips remember to also add a thin belt around the waist to show off your tiny waist!

The main goal is to accentuate the upper body, so adding more structure to the shoulders creating definition around the neckline this can be done by clothing, scarf’s or even jewellery, basically taking the focus off the bottom half of your body and showing them all you have an upper body too 😉 Wear darker colours on the bottom, slimming flared jeans or A-Line skirts, always avoid prints!




Ok so above are some of the key tips in how to dress the Pear body shape. Below are a few more examples on the types of clothing to wear and types of clothing to avoid!



Ok so something like this is great as the detail on the shoulders adds more depth and creates structured shoulders balancing out the hips, the bright colour also helps. What I would have done also to define the waist more is a black thin belt.

This dress creates more movement on the upper body, with the ruffle detail as well as the black lace detail on the straps; the neckline is also dipped slightly elongating the figure. The material is loose and flowing which will flow over the hips and sit just above the knees showing of the slimmer part of your legs.


Ok so yes I did say avoid prints on the bottom half of the body, but then this is an exception, this contrast dress has the print on the top part with just a single line on the bottom part whilst the rest of the dress which covers the hips and thighs are all black which instantly slims the bottom half of the dress. The singular line creates the illusion of elongating the figure.


Shirts/tops and blouses such as this, with the deep v-neck shows of the slimmer part of the body with the structured shoulder balancing out the hips and with the additional detail of the bow which will only add more depth to the upper part of the body. I would wear this shirt tucked into either black flared jeans or trousers.

This blazer instantly adds the illusion of a taller figure which will take the attention away from bigger part of the body. The V-neck shows of the neckline and slim bust and waist. Create more attention by adding a slim silk scarf.



Your perfect partner! These black fitted flared jeans are great as they flare out at the bottom which create more movement and balance out the hips too. Any kinds of tops could be worn with jeans such as these, anything that will create attention!

As your trying to elongate the figure, what better way to that than to wear heels! These beauties are trending right now and with the added platform making it all that much easier to walk in. The contrast colours showing off your personality and allowing you to experiment with you jewellery and accessories too!

Below are some of the celebrities that are known for their famous pear body shape, just to give you an idea of how they dress.


Beyonce infamously famous for her curves! Here is a woman that definitely embraces her body and knows how to dress for it, leaving her looking amazing! Here she is pictured wearing an emerald green dress that is figure hugging, with a low scooped neckline showing off her slim upper body and sleeves that sit just on the shoulder creating the illusion of bigger shoulder perfect to balance out the hips.

Here us another picture of Beyonce, this time wearing dark straight jeans with a structured jacket, the jacket is definitely emphasises on the shoulder with the addition of shoulder pads as well as extra detail on the shoulders and neckline balancing out her hips and if anything making her lower body seem smaller!

Finally here is Christina Aguilera seen wearing a flared black skirt which instantly hides her big hips and thighs, pulled in by a black belt which sits just on the waist. She then wears an animal print blouse with a deep V-neck which instantly creates attention on her upper body!


Here are the top 5 tips to dress the pear:

1. Always go for flared/A-Line skirts

2. Opt for structured shoulders

3. Create more attention on the upper half of the body

4. Wear darker or bolder colours on the bottom half of the body

5. Go for deeper neckline and always wear heels!


Here are the 5 things to avoid:

1. Avoid wearing prints on the bottom half of the body

2. Avoid wearing flats as they will just make the bottom half of the body look bigger.

3. Avoid wearing tops that sit on the hips

4. Avoid tapered trousers as they will only make you look bigger

5. Avoid all over printed dresses!


Well that’s all I have for now! I hoped it helped and gives you just a little more information on how to dress for the pear shape! 🙂 Finally soon I will be covering the apple body shape.

Much Love





Bangs on?

Hello lavly people, how are you all doing?? How’s the week going by so far??  I’m just doing a wee post on hair and then will get right back onto body shapes. I actually had a really good day yesterday (shopping wise) as its one of my best friend’s birthday next week and I was looking for a perfect party dress and I was sick of the ones I had.  I’ve worn them sooo many times and to be honest it was just another good excuse to buy another! Ha-ha!

I went to Topshop, River Island and New look, my trusted shops and I managed to find nothing, nada. So I started going into any shop that had clothes in it as you can tell I was desperate by now, anyway so I came across this boutique called Daisy Lane and I’ve been in there maybe once just with a friend not actually bothering to look around. But I have to say some of their things are actually really nice, I actually managed to find a dress that I had been looking for and at a bargain for £12 in the sale! I was so really pleased with the dress, its pretty and perfect! 😉

Back to the post (went off on a slight tangent there), what I really want is a new haircut, a new style, something that changes the straight, layered style that I’ve had for years! I’ve decided to get a fringe! This actually scares me because I’ve seen people with it and they look amazing but it’s just the worry of having to style it all the time and the constant trimming it requires….hmmmmm…is it worth it..

But then again I come across these images all the time in magz, so I’ve convinced myself to get one and they are so in trend right now too, a great new look without drastic changes too! Now the only thing is I’m not sure what kind of style I want, long enough so I can sweep it to the side?? Or maybe shorter so you can actually see my eyebrows??

Here are a few celebs sporting fringes and I love most of them…hmmmmm (I am terrible at making decisions)

I love Zooey Deschanel’s new hairstyle! BTW for those who don’t know her, she stares in the new TV series on channel 4; New Girl, it’s a really good programme too, unusual and funny. Back to the hair, I think this 60’s backcombed style with the full fringe is so lush! Especially for an evening out! What do you guys think??

Hmmmmm now I do like Jessie J’s look but to be honest for me the   block fringe is just too thick and full, she pulls it off but I would not be able to dedicate that much time to look after it and to be honest it would drive me nuts lol

Another 60’s inspired hairstyle from Nicole Richie, I love the way she’s created the high pony tail. The fringe is more my kind of thing, its light, long enough to be able to brush to the side also.

The queen of fringes Jameela Jamil completely rocks this look and always pulls of anything. The full fringe with the slight middle parting, I do like this but again it’s just too full, but I do like the length!

Finally Kim Kardashian without doubt suits this look, now I would definitely consider a fringe like this, it’s full but not too block like, feathered and long enough again to brush to the side.

So those are all the hairstyles that are definitely trending right now and I think look so fab. Now I just need to make a decision in which one I should get.. so I would love some advice..??

Much Love