Slightly late summer outfit post here, I decided to come back home up North for a few weeks and what did I do, yes I left my laptop at home. Soooo I kind had to had to wait around until I could grab someone else’s.

Remember those days, when we had the sun shining and the warm temperatures, where you would simply walk out in a t-shirt and complain about it being too hot? Yeah it seems like a while ago, especially now that were plagued with rain, more rain and guess what, yes more rain! The joy! I don’t know if it’s the same down south, but up north it is definitely grey and miserable!

Just looking through these few pictures, makes me want to cry and so desperately want to go back to the few weeks of summer we did have, I miss wearing sandals, eating watermelons and dining in the garden!

Enjoy probably the last summer post; you’re not going to see one for another whole year.








Top-Primark Skirt-Topshop Bag-Vintage Sandals-Newlook



Orange is the new black?

Orange is the new black? Well it is for spring & summer anyway! Whether it’s seen on your jumpers, jeans, scarfs, lips, cheeks or eyes. Orange is the shade to be seen in this summer! So make sure you find the perfect shade for you and start experimenting!















Jumper-H&M/ Skirt-Primark/Black Wet Look Leggings-Newlook/ Frames-Camden Market/ Necklace-H&M/ Metallic Flats-Topshop

Sophia xx

OOTD – All I see is white?







Dress – H&M

Today’s outfit of the day post is all about this white lace dress, it’s a simple dress with the top half covered in lace and the skirt is full and flowing.  It’s such a delicate dress and SO pretty. When I put it on I instantly felt like I was running around in sunny Narnia!  The dress was at a bargain price of £14.99! So I quickly snapped one up in my size!

On this particular day I didn’t wear too much jewellery, just a few pearl bracelets, whenever it’s nice and warm, I really can’t be bothered with too many accessories. I feel like they just irritate me on warmer days and to be honest this dress doesn’t need any added accessories, it pretty much speaks for itself.

The weather has been amazing today, went for an ice-cream run during lunch, which is a MUST in weather like this, definitely going to make the most of it after work, as I hear that it won’t last *sad face*. Hope your all having a great day, enjoy the sunshine! J