Slightly late summer outfit post here, I decided to come back home up North for a few weeks and what did I do, yes I left my laptop at home. Soooo I kind had to had to wait around until I could grab someone else’s.

Remember those days, when we had the sun shining and the warm temperatures, where you would simply walk out in a t-shirt and complain about it being too hot? Yeah it seems like a while ago, especially now that were plagued with rain, more rain and guess what, yes more rain! The joy! I don’t know if it’s the same down south, but up north it is definitely grey and miserable!

Just looking through these few pictures, makes me want to cry and so desperately want to go back to the few weeks of summer we did have, I miss wearing sandals, eating watermelons and dining in the garden!

Enjoy probably the last summer post; you’re not going to see one for another whole year.








Top-Primark Skirt-Topshop Bag-Vintage Sandals-Newlook




image 4





image 2


image 3


Considering we live in one of the most weather challenged countries in the world, it’s always a nice surprise when finally we are graced with a few weeks of the summer sun.

The trends this summer aren’t as daring as the past few summers, now that the designers have caught up on the reality behind the British summer, and how abruptly our weather can change during the day. Go out looking like a Greek goddess, come back looking like a windswept, haggard nightmare!

Not saying this summer, its still not about the strappy dresses, denim shorts and kimonos, because it is, however it’s supplied with a good dosage of lightweight outerwear, to help aid us during the day.

During the day I’m all for denim shorts and strappy tops, but in the evening with the cool breeze and the fading sun, I prefer something a little warmer. Pairing these printed trousers alongside a simple print t-shirt and brocade like lightweight jacket, leaves me feeling cool enough for the warm evening.



image 8


image 7


image 5


image 6

Orange is the new black?

Orange is the new black? Well it is for spring & summer anyway! Whether it’s seen on your jumpers, jeans, scarfs, lips, cheeks or eyes. Orange is the shade to be seen in this summer! So make sure you find the perfect shade for you and start experimenting!















Jumper-H&M/ Skirt-Primark/Black Wet Look Leggings-Newlook/ Frames-Camden Market/ Necklace-H&M/ Metallic Flats-Topshop

Sophia xx

Pink is the way forward


















Pink biker coat- Primark /  Horse print shirt-Newlook /  Paisley print shorts-Primark / Black suede Chelsea boots-Primark /  Bag-Primark

Maroon retro watch – Asos



So I am pretty happy with my new coat find, as you can tell. I mean how can I not be, I saw it in Primark instantly loved the colour, last size 8 left, fit like a dream and to add the sugar coating, the coat was in the sale for £5! I obviously had to buy it. I love buying pieces like this coat as I see it as a statement piece in it self, you could literally wear this coat with an all black outfit and you will still stand out.

Another find I’m loving right now are the Chelsea boots, the height is one that I can actually walk in and they are unbelievably comfortable! I like the fact that they are suede as this automatically transforms an outfit. With them only being £15, you cant go wrong.

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OOTD – Keeping It Casual..





black jeans – river Island – denim shirt – topshop – jumper – topshop (sale) – black & gold statement necklace – primark – shoes – primark – geek glasses – Camden market (I apologise for the bad quality images, I didn’t have my camera this weekend and had to settle with capturing them on my phone 😦 )

Today’s outfit is very casual, it’s a nice sunny day but it’s still very cold outside, so I thought better to be safe and add on a few layers. This jumper was a sale find and because I liked it too much I decided to buy the only size left which was 10, unfortunately no 8’s.  It was a baggy boxy style anyway so I thought an extra size up shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I love the colour of it, you can’t see it properly in the images ( sorry again) it’s a mixture of blues, reds and orange and it is so comfy, I so much prefer wearing baggy jumpers, especially when you can layer up underneath them and not feel like you can’t breathe!

Worn with a simple denim shirt, so that the contrast between the shirt and the jumper would stand out a little more, I paired it with black jeans and brown brogues. I normally don’t like gold jewellery, but because this necklace had some black incorporated into it, I thought why not go out on a limb and try it! I love it, it’s not heavy like a few statement necklaces are and because of its colouring it works well with various outfits.

How was everyone’s weekend?? I actually had a very good weekend, had nothing planned so a few friends surprised me came over for the weekend and it was SO good to have them over, the weekend consisted of late night talks and catching up really. I HATE the fact that the weekend goes by so quickly; it’s just when you’ve got into the swing of things and start enjoying yourself you realise its Monday the next day! Ah well I guess it keeps us on our toes eh?

Hope you all have a good evening..

Until next time..



Flower Power!

Hi guys, hope you’re all good and enjoying the weather, the past week has been absolutely amazing, the weather literally has put me in the greatest mood. I had the greatest weekend, an amazing boat ride and beach walk on Saturday and great family BBQ on the Sunday.  (I’ll post a few pics below) I really hope the good weather continues! The post continues below girlies. xx

Outfit I wore on Saturday, playsuit from Primark – £10.00, black footless tights from New Look – £5.00, yellow cropped jumper from H&M – £14.99, black fringe bag from Primark – £5.00 and finally round brown shades from H&M – £3.99!

On the rowing boat! 😀

The view from the boat!

Finally my summer read of the moment – ‘East of the Sun’ – AMAZING so far!

Hope you enjoyed the pics, now back to the post..

So when the sun finally came out I kind of realised I don’t have any summer outfits, as many of you probably panicked about. I literally stood near my wardrobe and could not find anything to wear, so decided to do some shopping as usual, I picked up some cute little dresses from H&M & Primark, as well as some floral printed leggings plain shirts/tee’s and finally some skirts. I’ll do a haul post soon to show you guys what I bought.

So anyway whilst I was shopping I came across some really cute floral jeans from River Island, but I don’t like buying certain things straight away without having checked out other stores, so I gathered here a few of my favourite floral print jeans, I’m still trying to decide which ones to buy however, so some help maybe??

River Island – £40.00

I absolutely LOVE these jeans, I like the fact that the base colour is white, it makes it a lot easier to wear pair with a range of tops. The print is not too big but not too small either, now something like this I would pair with a simple white slightly baggy tee and some black sling back.

Asos – £35.00

I also like these jeans, but prefer the above for summer, but knowing our British summer, we do have the occasional bad day/week, and these jeans are good for pairing with knits and boots as well as the odd tee. I would pair this with a black & white or an emerald coloured boxy jumper, although a white tee would work just as well.

Topshop – £40.00

I adore these jeans, I love the fact that they are so different, but for me they are a little too experimental and since I’m a first timer with floral jeans, I think I may give something a little more subtle a try and then go for something kooky like these. I love the fact that it has colours such as coral and yellow which make it easier for you to pair tops with. I would wear these with a deep yellow asymmetric top with layers of necklaces!

That’s all for now guys, until the next post.

Much Love