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Considering we live in one of the most weather challenged countries in the world, it’s always a nice surprise when finally we are graced with a few weeks of the summer sun.

The trends this summer aren’t as daring as the past few summers, now that the designers have caught up on the reality behind the British summer, and how abruptly our weather can change during the day. Go out looking like a Greek goddess, come back looking like a windswept, haggard nightmare!

Not saying this summer, its still not about the strappy dresses, denim shorts and kimonos, because it is, however it’s supplied with a good dosage of lightweight outerwear, to help aid us during the day.

During the day I’m all for denim shorts and strappy tops, but in the evening with the cool breeze and the fading sun, I prefer something a little warmer. Pairing these printed trousers alongside a simple print t-shirt and brocade like lightweight jacket, leaves me feeling cool enough for the warm evening.



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Orange is the new black?

Orange is the new black? Well it is for spring & summer anyway! Whether it’s seen on your jumpers, jeans, scarfs, lips, cheeks or eyes. Orange is the shade to be seen in this summer! So make sure you find the perfect shade for you and start experimenting!















Jumper-H&M/ Skirt-Primark/Black Wet Look Leggings-Newlook/ Frames-Camden Market/ Necklace-H&M/ Metallic Flats-Topshop

Sophia xx

Buckle up














Coat – Topshop/ Shirt – Primark/ Leggings – Newlook/ Shoes – River Island/ Leather jacket – Topshop

Watch – Asos/ Necklace – Newlook


One of my favourite shirts at the moment, picked up this beauty from Primark and its one those pieces that you can wear with pretty much anything. I love layering it under jumpers and coats, or even wearing it alone. The shoes I wasn’t sure of when I first bought them and was actually thinking of returning them but then once they were on, I knew i had to keep them! They boyish and chunky and I love to wear them with something extremely feminine and create my own style, I like to add a little punk to my pretty!

Sophia xx









Pink is the way forward


















Pink biker coat- Primark /  Horse print shirt-Newlook /  Paisley print shorts-Primark / Black suede Chelsea boots-Primark /  Bag-Primark

Maroon retro watch – Asos



So I am pretty happy with my new coat find, as you can tell. I mean how can I not be, I saw it in Primark instantly loved the colour, last size 8 left, fit like a dream and to add the sugar coating, the coat was in the sale for £5! I obviously had to buy it. I love buying pieces like this coat as I see it as a statement piece in it self, you could literally wear this coat with an all black outfit and you will still stand out.

Another find I’m loving right now are the Chelsea boots, the height is one that I can actually walk in and they are unbelievably comfortable! I like the fact that they are suede as this automatically transforms an outfit. With them only being £15, you cant go wrong.

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Be my valentine?

Yes it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day, the day of love, soppy cards, excess cheese, crying singles, loved up couples and all things in between. Lovely time of the year isn’t it? Since I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single lady this year, I still see no harm in dressing myself up in a lovely outfit, treating myself to a lovely night in watching probably some of the worst romantic comedies out there, but hey ho, it’s what the day is for!

I thought I would share some ideas on what to wear for Valentine’s Day, whether it is a coffee date during the day, movie in the late afternoon or the full works in the evening. Here are the top 3 outfits for me.

OUTFIT 1: Coffee date

OUTFIT 2: Movie date

OUTFIT 3: Dinner date

outfit 1

outfit 2

outfit 3

Have a lovely valentine all




Minimal Hit!

Everyone knows that the world of beauty is fast catching up with the world of fashion, at both A/W & S/S fashion weeks, not only are the clothes important, but the makeup and hair also play a huge part in the overall look. In the last few years alone the makeup and hair seen in the shows occasionally even eclipse the clothing.

With various new trends sure to come to the forefront of the beauty world, we also have a few that are also in trend at the moment and for the coming spring/summer. I am going to talk you through one of my favourites and show you how you can achieve the looks at home.

So minimal has come around again as it always does and I mean who can complain? There’s hardly any effort needed to attain this look, yes amazingly high cheekbones, luscious full lips and amazing skin obviously helps, but I mean who needs those, right? The reason I love this look personally is because I really believe everyone is beautiful and the best way to show that off is to apply only products that enhance your beauty, yet being subtle at the same time. Using absolute minimal makeup will help you enhance the features you love. It lets your true complexion and beauty shine through.

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(image from ‘’ )

Here’s how I would achieve this look…

HAIR: leave your locks the way they are naturally, whether they are straight, wavy or curly, just use a shine control oil, to help tame the fizz and add a little shine to your hair.

Now let’s begin with the makeup;

1. Apply a tinted moisturiser to your skin, this will help you moisturize your face as well smoothen out your skin tone (to achieve this look to its best we need a very good base)

2. This is not a necessary step, but for those who would like some extra coverage to conceal any dark circles or blemishes. You may apply some concealer, just be sure not to make it to heavy, just enough to cover what you need.

3. Grab a peach or pastel pink coloured blusher (matte works better) and dab a small amount using your fingers just onto the tops of your cheeks and gradually upwards towards your temples, make sure there’s not a long pink streak, blend it all out so it appears as a natural blush to your face.

4. Next use either white or nude eyeliner, line the waterline, this will help open up your eyes.

5. A clear mascara would be ideal but again if you want to add a little colour then opt for brown not black, coat both top and bottom lashes.

6. I personally like to add a little highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, choose any highlighter you prefer you could even use plain old white eye shadow, as you will only be dabbing on a small amount just across the top of your cheekbones, this time apply using a brush.

7. This is not a necessary step, I would leave my eyebrows the way they are and just groom them into place, however if you need to darken them a little, you may but no harsh lines, try soften them out as best you can.

8. Lastly! All you need to do now is add a little colour to your lips, a light pink coloured gloss or matte lipstick can be applied, do not apply to much colour, just a subtle hint will do the trick and voila there you go, pretty as a peach.



Fall in line

Well hello there and may I say a happy 2014! Aah another new year is upon us, is it just me that remembers January 2013 like it was yesterday??! Time is going way too fast for my liking; we need to slow things down a little. Anyway my dears, I do hope you all had good new years and are ready to get on with your start to the year.

We had and are still having a pretty bad winter, like that’s a major surprise from all the previous years of harsh winters we’ve endured, and I clearly don’t point out the obvious (Sorry).

Coats. Coats. Coats. I am in love with coats. I need to have a new one every year and where do I find a new one every year? In the sale people, that’s where. This has become like a tradition for me now, purchasing a new coat for the following year in the xmas sales, I mean it makes sense right? Why buy a coat that’s £125 when I know I can get it for £40?!

This is the new baby I bought; I like my coats to be simple, dark and most of all warm. Comfort comes first for me, well in the winter anyway! Coat was £100 and went down to £40, from Topshop. The  black and white stole is also in the sale from river island, was £20 and went down to £12.

coat – topshop-£40 (sale), stole – river island – £12 (sale), dress – topshop – £10 (sale), shoes – topshop – £12 (sale), watch – asos £25