So there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, since the New Year actually. See I have only told a handful of people, as I’m not at all confident or perhaps ready for everyone to know about it. However I have finally decided, I’m just going to come out with it and share it with everyone. I will welcome all criticism or negative remarks or views, I will take it all in my stride. This is something for me and as long as I’m happy with it then honestly that’s all that matters.

Ok so here it is, I’m starting a YouTube channel, well actually I have started a YouTube channel, it’s been up for a few weeks now but obviously I’ve decided not to tell anyone yet. There you go. I’ve said it, you have no idea how good it feels to finally face my fear and just share this.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and think why is she starting a YouTube channel if she can’t handle negative criticism, however that’s not it at all. I am the kind of person, where if I want something then I will go for it. But as of late, that confidence and self-belief has kind of been kicked to the kerb. I was so worried that this is something I would not be able to do or be good at, worried about what people would say.

It took me two months to gain some of my confidence and self-belief back and I realised that this is something for me. This is something that I’m doing for myself. I don’t need any one else’s permission to be able to go through with this. Of course I know my trustee followers and friends will be amazing and be there for me and enjoy the videos I make and obviously I hope that the videos will also bring something to them too as well all other who come across them.

The channel, is under my blog name, ‘Itsherway’ it will feature things I would normally blog about such as lookbook videos, fashion hauls, tutorials and my favourite, advice videos. The channel is about me expressing my thoughts and opinions; sharing my advice to others who have been in positions I have previously been in.

Well that’s it for now then guys, I hope that you will all give the channel a chance, I am still in the process of filming more videos as well gaining more confidence in front of the camera. Do go and check it out and please feel free to offer any advice, anything at all, I am new at this so I will follow any advice I can.

Check out the two videos I have so far. (I am working on my thumbnails I promise.)


Thank you for your support.


Sophia x




Slightly late summer outfit post here, I decided to come back home up North for a few weeks and what did I do, yes I left my laptop at home. Soooo I kind had to had to wait around until I could grab someone else’s.

Remember those days, when we had the sun shining and the warm temperatures, where you would simply walk out in a t-shirt and complain about it being too hot? Yeah it seems like a while ago, especially now that were plagued with rain, more rain and guess what, yes more rain! The joy! I don’t know if it’s the same down south, but up north it is definitely grey and miserable!

Just looking through these few pictures, makes me want to cry and so desperately want to go back to the few weeks of summer we did have, I miss wearing sandals, eating watermelons and dining in the garden!

Enjoy probably the last summer post; you’re not going to see one for another whole year.








Top-Primark Skirt-Topshop Bag-Vintage Sandals-Newlook



image 4





image 2


image 3


Considering we live in one of the most weather challenged countries in the world, it’s always a nice surprise when finally we are graced with a few weeks of the summer sun.

The trends this summer aren’t as daring as the past few summers, now that the designers have caught up on the reality behind the British summer, and how abruptly our weather can change during the day. Go out looking like a Greek goddess, come back looking like a windswept, haggard nightmare!

Not saying this summer, its still not about the strappy dresses, denim shorts and kimonos, because it is, however it’s supplied with a good dosage of lightweight outerwear, to help aid us during the day.

During the day I’m all for denim shorts and strappy tops, but in the evening with the cool breeze and the fading sun, I prefer something a little warmer. Pairing these printed trousers alongside a simple print t-shirt and brocade like lightweight jacket, leaves me feeling cool enough for the warm evening.



image 8


image 7


image 5


image 6

Be my valentine?

Yes it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day, the day of love, soppy cards, excess cheese, crying singles, loved up couples and all things in between. Lovely time of the year isn’t it? Since I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single lady this year, I still see no harm in dressing myself up in a lovely outfit, treating myself to a lovely night in watching probably some of the worst romantic comedies out there, but hey ho, it’s what the day is for!

I thought I would share some ideas on what to wear for Valentine’s Day, whether it is a coffee date during the day, movie in the late afternoon or the full works in the evening. Here are the top 3 outfits for me.

OUTFIT 1: Coffee date

OUTFIT 2: Movie date

OUTFIT 3: Dinner date

outfit 1

outfit 2

outfit 3

Have a lovely valentine all




Minimal Hit!

Everyone knows that the world of beauty is fast catching up with the world of fashion, at both A/W & S/S fashion weeks, not only are the clothes important, but the makeup and hair also play a huge part in the overall look. In the last few years alone the makeup and hair seen in the shows occasionally even eclipse the clothing.

With various new trends sure to come to the forefront of the beauty world, we also have a few that are also in trend at the moment and for the coming spring/summer. I am going to talk you through one of my favourites and show you how you can achieve the looks at home.

So minimal has come around again as it always does and I mean who can complain? There’s hardly any effort needed to attain this look, yes amazingly high cheekbones, luscious full lips and amazing skin obviously helps, but I mean who needs those, right? The reason I love this look personally is because I really believe everyone is beautiful and the best way to show that off is to apply only products that enhance your beauty, yet being subtle at the same time. Using absolute minimal makeup will help you enhance the features you love. It lets your true complexion and beauty shine through.

(image by ‘’)


(image from ‘’ )

(image from ‘’ )

Here’s how I would achieve this look…

HAIR: leave your locks the way they are naturally, whether they are straight, wavy or curly, just use a shine control oil, to help tame the fizz and add a little shine to your hair.

Now let’s begin with the makeup;

1. Apply a tinted moisturiser to your skin, this will help you moisturize your face as well smoothen out your skin tone (to achieve this look to its best we need a very good base)

2. This is not a necessary step, but for those who would like some extra coverage to conceal any dark circles or blemishes. You may apply some concealer, just be sure not to make it to heavy, just enough to cover what you need.

3. Grab a peach or pastel pink coloured blusher (matte works better) and dab a small amount using your fingers just onto the tops of your cheeks and gradually upwards towards your temples, make sure there’s not a long pink streak, blend it all out so it appears as a natural blush to your face.

4. Next use either white or nude eyeliner, line the waterline, this will help open up your eyes.

5. A clear mascara would be ideal but again if you want to add a little colour then opt for brown not black, coat both top and bottom lashes.

6. I personally like to add a little highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, choose any highlighter you prefer you could even use plain old white eye shadow, as you will only be dabbing on a small amount just across the top of your cheekbones, this time apply using a brush.

7. This is not a necessary step, I would leave my eyebrows the way they are and just groom them into place, however if you need to darken them a little, you may but no harsh lines, try soften them out as best you can.

8. Lastly! All you need to do now is add a little colour to your lips, a light pink coloured gloss or matte lipstick can be applied, do not apply to much colour, just a subtle hint will do the trick and voila there you go, pretty as a peach.



May I have a satchel please?

Now we all know bags are a must have accessory for our everyday outfits right girls? I don’t know about you but I have over 50 bags! I know that’s a little much but for me that number is nowhere near enough! No one understands do they, that one bag does not go with all of our outfits, certain bags have certain qualities to them and some you can’t help but just fall in love with! This has happened to me (again may I add!) I have gone and fallen in love with the bags by the Cambridge Satchel Company, have you heard of them?

The Cambridge Satchel Company started off with 44-year old mum Julie Deane who set up a handmade satchel business with her mother. It started off as a simple money making process in aid of sending her six year old daughter to private school back in 2007.  The business started off by producing chestnut, dark brown and black coloured satchels from already available leather but then eventually found her niche market when a customer asked for a red satchel and so the business took off, expanding with a range of colours, not once looking back.

The bags escalated into popularity and were soon seen on arms of fashionista’s and celebrities, quite a way to advertise the brand right? The bags are now available in a range of colours as well as styles, from the classic satchel to the backpack, from classic chestnut to neon pink! I NEED to have one of these bags in my life! I think they are just perfect, so classic yet with a pop of colour that just adds more personality.

Let’s take a look at some of the bags from the collection; can you guess which one I’ve fallen for??

The ‘Classic’ Satchel


The ‘Fluoro’ Satchel


The Backpack


The ‘Designer’ Satchel


The ‘Metallic’ Satchel


The Batchel


Yes I understand the prices are quite high, but come on just look at the bags! The fact that they are 100% leather with a range of amazing colours and two tone designs, perfect with any kind of outfit and even better, tuck in or remove the strap and have yourself an oversized clutch!

Below are some celebrities sporting satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company:


Kelis seen here with a pink ‘Batchel’.


Elle Fanning seen here with a two-tone ‘Designer’ satchel.

That’s all for now girlies, now make sure you go and by yourself a satchel ready for summer! My other blog will be running later on today! Can’t wait! Have a good weekend! xoxo

Much Love!

The Hourglass

Hi ladies! How are you all this Monday morning? How was the weekend?? I didn’t get up to much this weekend, I was feeling well at all this weekend and it doesn’t exactly help with it being absolutely freezing! I can’t believe it snowed in areas, I am so glad it didn’t snow where I was either! Anyway so Il be continuing with the ‘different body shape’s’ and today’s post will be looking at the classic hourglass shape.

The classic hourglass features the in and out curves, the bust being rounder and fuller, slightly wider shoulders equalling out to the slightly wider, full hips.

The hour glass is one of the most desired figures, ever since the Elizabethan times where women would wear corsets and such to define the waist and produce curves leading to some of the sexiest women in the world such as Marilyn Monroe, inevitably famous for her luscious curves. Now the hourglass doesn’t hold quite the same power it used to, therefore making it harder to find clothes – but fear not where there’s a will there’s a way! 😉

Now here are a few key basic tips to dress the hourglass figure:

Ok so there you have some of the basic tips for dressing the hourglass; now below I’ve selected a few items from the high street which I think will certainly work well on this figure, resulting in only the best look.


Dresses such as this one work well all round, its sleeveless which instantly narrows the wider shoulders creating an illusion of small shoulders. The waist detail creates an invisible belt and ideal waist line. Finally the loose material gently skims over the hips and lets the dress fall just above the knees, showing off the legs.


This lace dress is also another favoutite for the hourglass, the 3/4 lace sleeves cling to the arms and show off the slim arms and wrists. The deep vneck shows of the chest and bigger bust. The colour contrast falls just on the waist line again creating an instant illusion and if that wasnt enough the belt provides extra ooomph! TIP: To layer dresses such as these you could easily pair up with a fitted blazer or jacket.

Miss Selfridge

Now for those special occasions this type of dress is a definate statement piece. This will instantly leave you looking fabulous without any use of accessories! The low scoop neck will gently sit on the fuller  bust showing off the cleavage, the black straps creating the subtle illusion of smaller shoulders. The material is clingy yet loose enough to flow, it fits snugly around the waist nd falls around the hips creating the perfect outline. The black belt provides extra defined waist.

Miss Selfridge

 This lace dress is also another favourite for the hourglass, the 3/4 lace sleeves cling to the arms and show off the slim arms and wrists. The deep V-neck shows of the chest and bigger bust. The colour contrast falls just on the waist line again creating an instant illusion and if that wasn’t enough the belt provides extra oomph! TIP: To layer dresses such as these you could easily pair up with a fitted blazer or jacket.

High waisted shorts are a definite must! Some shorts add extra volume to the hips which is something hourglasses should stay away from, it will only make you look bigger! We need to look for tailored/structured shorts and a gentler fabric such as linen, silk or light cotton. These beauties sit perfectly on the waist and with the fabric being light with the addition of pleats the material falls just on the hips. Bolder colours are always better try and avoid big patterns if you can as these will only make you look bigger!

River Island

We’ve covered dresses and skirts so let’s move on to shirts, tailored shirt are what we need to go for. Anything monochrome is perfect as it will instantly create illusions in all the right places such as this black lined blouse. The black collar creates instant eye impact. These can be great for wearing on top of leggings/jeans/trousers as well as being tucked into skirts or even shorts to create a less formal look.

River Island

Outerwear such as this long kimono type blazer is great for hourglasses, when the fabric is loose and flowing so it can skim over the hips. This long v cut shows of f the bust and chest area with the 3/4 sleeves showing off again the slim arms and wrists. Finally being able to add a wide black belt around the waist just to pull it all in and define the waist, whilst the rest of the fabric falls just below the hips. Pair with black jeans or dark blue as they will create the illusion of slimmer legs. Balancing out the overall look.


Slightly similar to the above blazer, this Mac coat has its V-neck collar with slight ruffle detail accentuating the bust area; the double breasted buttons create the small defined waist. The belt also allows this to be more accentuated. Whilst the rest of the fabric with includes subtle pleats skim the hip and fall just above the knee.  A stone colure Mac such as this allows the use of more colourful jewellery.

 Finally with hourglasses we can pretty much pull of high heels as well as flats. High heels are perfect for some of the dresses seen above or for those formal outfits. Whereas flats are something that we can wear with outfits including tailored shorts.

Below are some hourglass shaped celebrities, to give you an idea of how they dress for their shape:

One of the most famous celebrities known for her classic hourglass figure, Kim Kardashian really knows how to dress for her shape and create an overall flattering look every day. Here she’s seen with the A-Line skirt which sits on the waist and skims just over the hips with the addition of wide pleats, instantly making her look smaller. The nude coloured top creates a contrast to the skirt and the neckline is low enough to flatter the larger bust.

Another two looks for another celebrity famous for her hourglass figure, Jennifer Lopez shows of two outfits, both with the use of belts to define the waist. The blue dress is loose enough to flow over the hips whereas the ivory is subtly clinging to the curves.

I’m sure we all know her as ‘Ugly Betty’ but America Ferrara is a lot curvier than your average; she uses this subtle black dress which neatly clings to her figure. The use of the wide belt to pull in the waist creates a defined silhouette.

Ahhhh here we have Rihanna, who doesn’t love Rihanna! She can definitely work any outfit really knows how to flatter her figure! This khaki skirt sits just above the waist and flows over the hips and thighs just above the knee. The contrast white top with a low scoop neck shows of the chest and creates the illusion of smaller shoulders.

I guess the hourglass figure runs in the family! Kourtney Kardashian is spotted with a printed dress with the v-neck detail, sleeves which fall just of the shoulders and the defined waist detail and finally the flowing fabric which skims the hips and falls just above the knee showing off the slim pins!

Here are the top 5 Tips to dress the hourglass shape:

1. Always look for v-neck/scalloped neck dresses/shirts/blazers

2. Bolder colours are definitely our friends!

3. Loose flowing fabric is best

4. A-Line skirts and tailored shorts are the key

5. High waisted trousers/skirts and 3/4 sleeves are the way to go.

….and here are the top 5 tips to avoid:

1. Don’t wear round neck tops/dresses or jumpers.

2. Avoid all over prints

3. Avoid big baggy jumpers/tops

4. Wear dresses that cling to you too much!

5. Don’t wear too many layers; it will only bulk you up!

Well that’s all for now ladies, I hope that helped for all those of you with the hourglass shaped figures. Remember to love your figure no matter what shape you are 😉 I will soon be looking at the pear shaped figure. Have a lovely day!

Much Love