A Story to be told …

Hi all, I hope your all well, I’m not going to be posting around my normal subject area today, something a little different. See something happened when I was on a train journey recently and I engaged in a conversation in which everything I said was pretty much made up. We always talk to people we know on a regular basis, right? And the people we talk to will know whether we are telling the truth or not, so if for example, something amazing happened at work, you’d want to tell the event in the most extraordinary over the top way, possible. Why do we do that? Just so we can have that little bit of extra attention? Or is it something that we want to happen deep down in that situation but we didn’t have the courage to be able to do so, so we all exaggerate. Make the tale ten times more fascinating than what it is.

However the people we all talk to on a daily basis, know us too well and realise when something doesn’t sound like us and instantly won’t believe the height of the story/event/news were about to tell. But what if we come across someone that knows absolutely nothing about us? Where everything we say whether it’s a lie or whether it’s exaggerated, they can’t judge because they do not know us.

On this train journey, I came across a young man who was half English and half Chinese, the train was full and this young man happened to sit next to me. We sat in silence for a while, me not being the kind of person to indulge in full conversation with people that I will only be sitting next to for 45 minutes. Then he spoke, he asked where I was going and from that point on we just started talking and the funny thing is when he was asking me questions I felt this strange urge in me that spoke out and said ‘ wait a minute, this is a complete stranger, that I will most likely never see again. I can tell him pretty much anything’.

My real desires, of what I wanted to be doing, where I wanted to live, where I’ve wanted to travel etc all came out of my mouth rather than reality itself. Whilst I was sharing my ‘ideal yet unreal’ stories, this young man, whose name I didn’t even manage to find out, believed everything. The more he started to believe me and engage in the conversation the more I felt the urge to keep the stories coming. The stories which were things I want to achieve but in reality had not done so.

The fact that this young man believed me and took an interest gave me this hope, this silent hope that if he managed to believe what I was saying and probably saw the fire and passion in my eyes whilst talking about such things, then why is not possible for me to make these things happen. Whether they sound ridiculous or not, why can’t my life story be the story that I told this man?

Sometimes we surround ourselves around people that know everything about us, our passions, our failures and our goals and yes these people will surely love us and want what’s best for us. But at the end of the day there is always something that we want to achieve or we desire or we eventually hope to be, but we keep this within, too scared to share afraid of the reaction. Yet to me talking to this stranger about my hopes and dreams and managing to convince him that it was real and convince myself that anything is possible.

We can all be afraid of people that love us rejecting our ideas of what we hope to be, judging us or even those that support us may not fully understand you completely or be on the same wavelength. But that does not mean it is not possible. Just like the story of what I want to be, what I want to achieve that I shared with this young man, you can easily tell yourself your story over and over again until the day that it all becomes real and not just a ‘story’ anymore.



“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
— Gail Devers (American athlete)


Much Love



The Apple..

Helllooooooo everyone! Firstly I’d like to say ‘Happy Pancake day!!’ I love the fact that is just a whole day dedicated to pancakes, a great reason just to stuff yourself!  Ok back to you guys now, how are you all???Wow it’s been a long time since my last post, sorry about the delay guys. So today’s post will be the last post on body shapes and the final one left is the apple. So apple shapes are generally seen as having more weight and volume around the stomach and waist area of the body. This doesn’t always mean your fat, it just means you don’t have a defined waist and your shoulders are generally wider. Now I know gaining weight is easy, too easy in fact! It doesn’t help that with apple body shapes, when you do gain weight it’s all stored around the stomach and waist region! (boooooo!)

HOWEVER!! It is all about proportions, get your proportion right and that little extra bit of weight or problem area won’t even be visible! Dress to your advantage show everyone your best assets and don’t ever be afraid to show of what you have and be daring enough to try the latest trends, it’ll only leave you not just looking better but feeling better too! 🙂

Ok now let’s have a look at some of the key bits of information you should bear in mind when dressing the apple shape!

So there are the key things to remember, now a lot more can be done than just the above few it’s all about experimenting and equalising the upper heavy half of the body with the bottom half. Below are a few more pieces that will be best suited for the apple body shape.

This dress has detail around the waist; the material is gathered in around the waist area which instantly creates the defined waist, which you should then finish off with a black belt just to make it a little more obvious. Whilst the rest of the material skims over the biggest part of the body and falls neatly. This definitely elongates the body also eliminates the signs of the bigger upper body. Experiment with colour but try and avoid prints on the upper body.

Tops such as this will cinch into the waist and for better effect wear with a thick black belt around the waist to define it and the rest of the shirt will then fall away from the waist again hiding the bigger stomach area. The v-Neck buttons, creating a deeper v to show off the smallest part of your body as well elongating the entire body.

Vertical stripes are definitely your friend! Just the simple fact that they instantly elongate the body and the dramatic black stripes almost hide away any signs of a bigger upper body!

Now the goal is to create more attention to the bottom half of the body, to proportion it out to the top half. This printed waterfall skirt adds volume and draws attention. Always experiment with the bottom half, whether it be with trousers/shorts or skirts. Remember whatever you wear on the bottom make sure the top is the opposite, for example a light beige/caramel/light pink should be worn with this skirt as to draw even more attention to the bottom.

Pencil skirts with printed patterns such as this are again sure winners; with Flower/Aztec prints constantly around you can’t go wrong, stays on trend as well eliminating the problem areas.

Wide leg trousers elongate the body as well as adding more volume to the bottom half of the body; these can be worn in bold colours or even with prints. Makes sure to add a wide belt on top just to define the waist!

Below are a number of celebrities that also have the apple shape, let’s have a look at how they dress for their shape:

Jenniffer Hudson wears a dress that defines the waist and creates a subtle belt with the various stripe details. The skirt is tiered and adds more volume to the lower part of her body.

Liz Hurley wears a dress that sits just on the chest with some additional detail on the shoulder which adds more definition, whilst the frills line the bottom of the dress which adds more emphasis on the lower body.

Catherine Zeta Jones is seen here wearing a navy blue dress with a wide black belt she wears to emphasise her waist. She then covers up with a bright straight style coat that will just sit against the hips.


Here are the 5 top tips to dress the apple:

1. Emphasise the shoulders

2. Always add more volume to the lower half of the body

3. Add a belt for more waist definition

4. Wear vertical stripes to elongate the body

5. Wear V-Necks tops/dresses to show of the cleavage/smallest part of the body.


Here are the 5 things to avoid:

1. Avoid wearing garish prints on the upper part of the body

2. Do not wear dresses that are too fitted.

3. Double breasted coats

4.  Boxy tops/baggy tops

5. Too many layers on the upper body!


Ok ladies that’s all I have right now for the body shapes special. If anyone does require me to go into any more detail for any of them, don’t hesitate to ask, at the end of the day I am only here to make all of you look and feel better! 🙂

Until next time girlies!!

Much Love


The Pear..

As you know I said I would be going through and explaining in detail the four different types of body shapes, the straight, hourglass, pear and apple, now I’m on to the 3rd body shape, the pear. The pear is basically a point up triangle, the bigger part of the body being the lower body; with the wider hips and bigger thighs dominating. Let’s have a look in a little more detail:

The pear shape is another one of the most common body shapes and the goal is to elongate the figure as all the attention is originally on the lower part of the body, you need to elongate the body so you look less bottom heavy and more in proportion, ideally creating the hourglass figure.

Now to be honest it’s not all that hard dressing for the pear shape, honestly you have more various choices in what to wear and experiment with! Just always remember to balance out your hips to your shoulders, add more structure to the shoulders, and play around with jackets and coats. Not forgetting the creation of curves, so whilst you balance out the shoulders to the hips remember to also add a thin belt around the waist to show off your tiny waist!

The main goal is to accentuate the upper body, so adding more structure to the shoulders creating definition around the neckline this can be done by clothing, scarf’s or even jewellery, basically taking the focus off the bottom half of your body and showing them all you have an upper body too 😉 Wear darker colours on the bottom, slimming flared jeans or A-Line skirts, always avoid prints!




Ok so above are some of the key tips in how to dress the Pear body shape. Below are a few more examples on the types of clothing to wear and types of clothing to avoid!



Ok so something like this is great as the detail on the shoulders adds more depth and creates structured shoulders balancing out the hips, the bright colour also helps. What I would have done also to define the waist more is a black thin belt.

This dress creates more movement on the upper body, with the ruffle detail as well as the black lace detail on the straps; the neckline is also dipped slightly elongating the figure. The material is loose and flowing which will flow over the hips and sit just above the knees showing of the slimmer part of your legs.


Ok so yes I did say avoid prints on the bottom half of the body, but then this is an exception, this contrast dress has the print on the top part with just a single line on the bottom part whilst the rest of the dress which covers the hips and thighs are all black which instantly slims the bottom half of the dress. The singular line creates the illusion of elongating the figure.


Shirts/tops and blouses such as this, with the deep v-neck shows of the slimmer part of the body with the structured shoulder balancing out the hips and with the additional detail of the bow which will only add more depth to the upper part of the body. I would wear this shirt tucked into either black flared jeans or trousers.

This blazer instantly adds the illusion of a taller figure which will take the attention away from bigger part of the body. The V-neck shows of the neckline and slim bust and waist. Create more attention by adding a slim silk scarf.



Your perfect partner! These black fitted flared jeans are great as they flare out at the bottom which create more movement and balance out the hips too. Any kinds of tops could be worn with jeans such as these, anything that will create attention!

As your trying to elongate the figure, what better way to that than to wear heels! These beauties are trending right now and with the added platform making it all that much easier to walk in. The contrast colours showing off your personality and allowing you to experiment with you jewellery and accessories too!

Below are some of the celebrities that are known for their famous pear body shape, just to give you an idea of how they dress.


Beyonce infamously famous for her curves! Here is a woman that definitely embraces her body and knows how to dress for it, leaving her looking amazing! Here she is pictured wearing an emerald green dress that is figure hugging, with a low scooped neckline showing off her slim upper body and sleeves that sit just on the shoulder creating the illusion of bigger shoulder perfect to balance out the hips.

Here us another picture of Beyonce, this time wearing dark straight jeans with a structured jacket, the jacket is definitely emphasises on the shoulder with the addition of shoulder pads as well as extra detail on the shoulders and neckline balancing out her hips and if anything making her lower body seem smaller!

Finally here is Christina Aguilera seen wearing a flared black skirt which instantly hides her big hips and thighs, pulled in by a black belt which sits just on the waist. She then wears an animal print blouse with a deep V-neck which instantly creates attention on her upper body!


Here are the top 5 tips to dress the pear:

1. Always go for flared/A-Line skirts

2. Opt for structured shoulders

3. Create more attention on the upper half of the body

4. Wear darker or bolder colours on the bottom half of the body

5. Go for deeper neckline and always wear heels!


Here are the 5 things to avoid:

1. Avoid wearing prints on the bottom half of the body

2. Avoid wearing flats as they will just make the bottom half of the body look bigger.

3. Avoid wearing tops that sit on the hips

4. Avoid tapered trousers as they will only make you look bigger

5. Avoid all over printed dresses!


Well that’s all I have for now! I hoped it helped and gives you just a little more information on how to dress for the pear shape! 🙂 Finally soon I will be covering the apple body shape.

Much Love





The Hourglass

Hi ladies! How are you all this Monday morning? How was the weekend?? I didn’t get up to much this weekend, I was feeling well at all this weekend and it doesn’t exactly help with it being absolutely freezing! I can’t believe it snowed in areas, I am so glad it didn’t snow where I was either! Anyway so Il be continuing with the ‘different body shape’s’ and today’s post will be looking at the classic hourglass shape.

The classic hourglass features the in and out curves, the bust being rounder and fuller, slightly wider shoulders equalling out to the slightly wider, full hips.

The hour glass is one of the most desired figures, ever since the Elizabethan times where women would wear corsets and such to define the waist and produce curves leading to some of the sexiest women in the world such as Marilyn Monroe, inevitably famous for her luscious curves. Now the hourglass doesn’t hold quite the same power it used to, therefore making it harder to find clothes – but fear not where there’s a will there’s a way! 😉

Now here are a few key basic tips to dress the hourglass figure:

Ok so there you have some of the basic tips for dressing the hourglass; now below I’ve selected a few items from the high street which I think will certainly work well on this figure, resulting in only the best look.


Dresses such as this one work well all round, its sleeveless which instantly narrows the wider shoulders creating an illusion of small shoulders. The waist detail creates an invisible belt and ideal waist line. Finally the loose material gently skims over the hips and lets the dress fall just above the knees, showing off the legs.


This lace dress is also another favoutite for the hourglass, the 3/4 lace sleeves cling to the arms and show off the slim arms and wrists. The deep vneck shows of the chest and bigger bust. The colour contrast falls just on the waist line again creating an instant illusion and if that wasnt enough the belt provides extra ooomph! TIP: To layer dresses such as these you could easily pair up with a fitted blazer or jacket.

Miss Selfridge

Now for those special occasions this type of dress is a definate statement piece. This will instantly leave you looking fabulous without any use of accessories! The low scoop neck will gently sit on the fuller  bust showing off the cleavage, the black straps creating the subtle illusion of smaller shoulders. The material is clingy yet loose enough to flow, it fits snugly around the waist nd falls around the hips creating the perfect outline. The black belt provides extra defined waist.

Miss Selfridge

 This lace dress is also another favourite for the hourglass, the 3/4 lace sleeves cling to the arms and show off the slim arms and wrists. The deep V-neck shows of the chest and bigger bust. The colour contrast falls just on the waist line again creating an instant illusion and if that wasn’t enough the belt provides extra oomph! TIP: To layer dresses such as these you could easily pair up with a fitted blazer or jacket.

High waisted shorts are a definite must! Some shorts add extra volume to the hips which is something hourglasses should stay away from, it will only make you look bigger! We need to look for tailored/structured shorts and a gentler fabric such as linen, silk or light cotton. These beauties sit perfectly on the waist and with the fabric being light with the addition of pleats the material falls just on the hips. Bolder colours are always better try and avoid big patterns if you can as these will only make you look bigger!

River Island

We’ve covered dresses and skirts so let’s move on to shirts, tailored shirt are what we need to go for. Anything monochrome is perfect as it will instantly create illusions in all the right places such as this black lined blouse. The black collar creates instant eye impact. These can be great for wearing on top of leggings/jeans/trousers as well as being tucked into skirts or even shorts to create a less formal look.

River Island

Outerwear such as this long kimono type blazer is great for hourglasses, when the fabric is loose and flowing so it can skim over the hips. This long v cut shows of f the bust and chest area with the 3/4 sleeves showing off again the slim arms and wrists. Finally being able to add a wide black belt around the waist just to pull it all in and define the waist, whilst the rest of the fabric falls just below the hips. Pair with black jeans or dark blue as they will create the illusion of slimmer legs. Balancing out the overall look.


Slightly similar to the above blazer, this Mac coat has its V-neck collar with slight ruffle detail accentuating the bust area; the double breasted buttons create the small defined waist. The belt also allows this to be more accentuated. Whilst the rest of the fabric with includes subtle pleats skim the hip and fall just above the knee.  A stone colure Mac such as this allows the use of more colourful jewellery.

 Finally with hourglasses we can pretty much pull of high heels as well as flats. High heels are perfect for some of the dresses seen above or for those formal outfits. Whereas flats are something that we can wear with outfits including tailored shorts.

Below are some hourglass shaped celebrities, to give you an idea of how they dress for their shape:

One of the most famous celebrities known for her classic hourglass figure, Kim Kardashian really knows how to dress for her shape and create an overall flattering look every day. Here she’s seen with the A-Line skirt which sits on the waist and skims just over the hips with the addition of wide pleats, instantly making her look smaller. The nude coloured top creates a contrast to the skirt and the neckline is low enough to flatter the larger bust.

Another two looks for another celebrity famous for her hourglass figure, Jennifer Lopez shows of two outfits, both with the use of belts to define the waist. The blue dress is loose enough to flow over the hips whereas the ivory is subtly clinging to the curves.

I’m sure we all know her as ‘Ugly Betty’ but America Ferrara is a lot curvier than your average; she uses this subtle black dress which neatly clings to her figure. The use of the wide belt to pull in the waist creates a defined silhouette.

Ahhhh here we have Rihanna, who doesn’t love Rihanna! She can definitely work any outfit really knows how to flatter her figure! This khaki skirt sits just above the waist and flows over the hips and thighs just above the knee. The contrast white top with a low scoop neck shows of the chest and creates the illusion of smaller shoulders.

I guess the hourglass figure runs in the family! Kourtney Kardashian is spotted with a printed dress with the v-neck detail, sleeves which fall just of the shoulders and the defined waist detail and finally the flowing fabric which skims the hips and falls just above the knee showing off the slim pins!

Here are the top 5 Tips to dress the hourglass shape:

1. Always look for v-neck/scalloped neck dresses/shirts/blazers

2. Bolder colours are definitely our friends!

3. Loose flowing fabric is best

4. A-Line skirts and tailored shorts are the key

5. High waisted trousers/skirts and 3/4 sleeves are the way to go.

….and here are the top 5 tips to avoid:

1. Don’t wear round neck tops/dresses or jumpers.

2. Avoid all over prints

3. Avoid big baggy jumpers/tops

4. Wear dresses that cling to you too much!

5. Don’t wear too many layers; it will only bulk you up!

Well that’s all for now ladies, I hope that helped for all those of you with the hourglass shaped figures. Remember to love your figure no matter what shape you are 😉 I will soon be looking at the pear shaped figure. Have a lovely day!

Much Love